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WWE Stock Report: Goldberg vs. Roman Reigns should be postponed




A few spots do control rankings. Here at Cageside, we do a stock report.

Right now, we distinguish three Superstars (or gatherings of Superstars) who are on their way up, and three that are moving the other way. Following a bustling week that included WrestleMania 36 turning into a two night occasion in different areas, an agreement marking among Undertaker and AJ Styles, and Becky Lynch previously playing out her WrestleMania entrance in a custom semi-truck, a great deal of fortunes were changed.

Considering that, we should see whose stock has expanded the most this week:

Stock Up #3: Tamina

Like Bayley, I wasn’t even certain if Tamina was still on the WWE program, and I unquestionably didn’t realize which brand she was on. So the way that Tamina currently has a match at WrestleMania 36 seems like a quite enormous advance up for her, regardless of whether her likelihood of winning methodologies zero.

Stock Up #2: Mojo Rawley

Crude whiz Mojo Rawley is getting his 15 minutes of popularity on SmackDown now that Rob Gronkowski is in WWE and facilitating WrestleMania 36. The fragment this week (Mar. 20) between Rawley, Gronkowski, and King Corbin clarified that WWE is integrating Rawley and Gronkowski for the present, and that is uplifting news for Mojo.

Stock Up #1: Daniel Bryan, Drew Gulak, Sami Zayn

Daniel Bryan has some way or another transformed both Drew Gulak and Sami Zayn into important players in a WrestleMania title storyline, and it’s bringing about acceptable matches, engaging mic work, and a lot of ball jokes.

Presently how about we see whose stock has diminished the most this week:

Stock Down #3: Andrade

Andrade has wrestled in four broadcast matches since coming back from his suspension, and he has been stuck in three of those matches. His most recent misfortune happened on the current week’s (Mar. 16) Raw against Rey Mysterio. I guess a mid-card champion losing heaps of matches is the same old thing in WWE, however it doesn’t help him.

Stock Down #2: Goldberg and Roman Reigns

Goldberg versus Rules is a conceivably gigantic match that merits a superior story than this. What we’ve arrived simply doesn’t have any profundity to it.

Rules essentially proclaimed himself the top contender for the Universal title, and afterward they attempted to have a too extreme agreement marking where the pressure rotated around a tweet from two months prior. I think they resent each other as a result of school football and Goldberg headbutting things? It’s simply not working, in any event not for a match that is planned to occur in about fourteen days.

This is one WrestleMania coordinate that ought to be deferred. The storyline simply hasn’t been grown enough, and “Lance versus Lance” is certainly not an adequate attach to make for that lack. Looking past simply the wrestling, there’s likewise the way that Roman Reigns is immunocompromised, and he ought to remain at home right now due to the coronavirus pandemic. The hazard simply isn’t justified, despite any potential benefits. In any case, that is valid pretty much these shows that AEW and WWE are putting on this moment.

Stock Down #1: Steve Austin

Steve Austin is one of at any rate two geniuses who WWE considers to be the best ever. So how does a GOAT get utilized in his huge profit for Raw? In an awful stand-up parody bit that would have shelled even before a live crowd? What?

Undeniable’s appearance on Raw was not engaging, had no pertinence to WrestleMania, and was a deadened exercise in futility. Far more detestable, Austin may have harmed his own foot when he incidentally kicked Bryon Saxton in the garbage, prompting some terrible looking Stunners. This was a monstrous setback, and not deserving of all the arrival publicity that Austin got in the course of the last couple weeks.

There you have it, Cagesiders. Whose stock do you think has changed the most this week?

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Seth Rollins Shares Lovely and Adorable Picture Of Becky Lynch: Says “Becky Lynch has changed my life[PHOTOS]



Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins Shares Adorable Picture Of Becky Lynch: Says “Becky Lynch Changed His Life…”

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On Monday, Becky Lynch relinquished her title and announced that she is pregnant with fiance Seth Rollins’ baby. Since then, the couple has been receiving congratulatory messages from all over the world. Many WWE superstars also congratulated the couple and wished them well for the future.

Later, WWE CEO and Chairman Vince McMahon took to Twitter and gave his well-wishes. Vince McMahon praised Becky Lynch and hailed her as a ‘world-class athlete who will undoubtedly be a world-class mom’. He said that Becky Lynch was an incredible champion and he’s happy for her. Many reports claim that Vince McMahon was happy when Becky Lynch gave him the news in person. He also did not hesitate for a moment before granting Becky Lynch leave for the upcoming months.

Becky Lynch talks about the wedding and inviting Vince McMahon
Becky Lynch earlier revealed that because of the coronavirus pandemic, she and Seth Rollins decided to push their wedding date. She said their families and friends can’t travel amid the pandemic, which is why they took the decision. Becky Lynch said she and Seth Rollins would like their friends and family to be present at their wedding. She said she is not in a hurry to get married as she and Seth Rollins are going to be ‘together forever

While talking to TMZ a couple of weeks ago, Becky Lynch revealed whether she will invite Vince McMahon to her wedding or not. Becky Lynch said that she will invite Vince McMahon to her wedding because Big Show had once told her that rich people bring good and expensive presents. Becky Lynch added that she and Seth Rollins have a lot of money, but she would like some more.

I got good advice from the Big Show, he was like, ‘Invite rich people because they get you good presents,'” Lynch said.

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WWE News: Becky Lynch has the perfect response to Vince McMahon’s birthday wishes



What’s the story?
Ever since her transformation into ‘The Man’, Becky Lynch has become the most over superstar in the company. Not surprisingly, Vince McMahon wished her on her birthday.

Little did he know how savage she has become on Twitter in her current run. Her response to McMahon was quite legendary indeed.

In case you didn’t know…
Becky Lynch lost to Asuka in the opening contest of the Royal Rumble. She would then replace Lana and go on to win the whole thing.

She would also name Ronda Rousey has her opponent for WrestleMania 35. From the looks of things, Charlotte Flair could also possibly become a part of the match in due course of time.

Becky Lynch has become such a crowd favourite that the WWE Universe has turned on Ronda Rousey in a big way.

The heart of the matter
Vince McMahon had a very sweet message that he sent out to Becky Lynch on her birthday. It spoke volumes about the light that McMahon, a man who’s not traditionally been known to be the biggest advocate for women’s wrestling, saw Becky Lynch in:

And then Becky Lynch would send a Tweet of her own. She mentioned the birthday gift that she had purchased on her birthday, to go with the brass ring that she owns:

For those of our readers who are unaware, the meaning of ‘grabbing the brass ring’ is to be the one who makes use of the opportunities provided to truly outshine the pack. Vince McMahon has said in the past that not many current WWE superstars reach for the brass ring.

Becky Lynch has broken out of the pack and become the most over Superstar in the roster, thereby grabbing the brass ring.

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