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REPORT: WWE is adding another pay-per-view a week after SummerSlam



REPORT: WWE is adding another pay-per-view a week after SummerSlam

It looks like the rumors about another pay-per-view being added to the schedule are true. However, it won’t be the Evolution show.

WWE Payback will take place a week after SummerSlam. This likely means that at least a couple of feuds will continue into Payback.

WE were told that there are other events being discussed for future dates. For years, there have been talks about adding live events or Saturday Night Main Event specials. Live events in arenas are not possible due to the pandemic but SNME specials could help boost subscriber numbers and, as seen in the latest quarter earnings report, the company exceeded expectations for their revenue due to money saved from expenses they didn’t have to incur from running shows with fans.

Paid subscriber numbers are up for the WWE Network and pay-per-view events are the main thing driving people to subscribe.

It is interesting that WWE did not opt to air Payback on Saturday, September 5th, which would go head-to-head with the AEW All Out pay-per-view. In 2019, WWE scheduled EVOLVE 131 to air on the WWE Network against AEW’s Fight For The Fallen show

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The Rock, Stephanie McMahon and Many WWE Superstars React to Becky Lynch’s Huge Announcement



Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins

Former WWE Women’s Champion Becky Lynch had some very good news for the professional wrestling world. ‘The Man’ gave birth to a beautiful baby girl with her fiance Seth Rollins.



After announcing the news on Instagram, Becky and Seth were flooded with greetings and adulations from the who’s who of professional wrestling.

Seth Rollins and have been out of action
As is obvious, Rollins and Lynch have taken some time off to focus on their newborn child. Interestingly, both the Superstars are at the peak of their careers at the moment, especially Becky Lynch.

becky lynch and seth rollins

Before going on a hiatus due to her pregnancy, Lynch was the reigning WWE Raw Women’s Champion. To facilitate a smooth transition, Lynch relinquished her title to Money in the Bank winner, Asuka.

Talking about Rollins, he was in the midst of a heel run as the ‘Monday Night Messiah.’ Fans and analysts had a mixed reaction to Rollins’ character.

While he started off strongly by bringing Murphy and Austin Theory under his tutelage, the over-drawn feud with Rey Mysterio left a sour taste in fans’ mouths.

What’s next for Lynch and Rollins?
Given their stature, Rollins and Lynch will make a return at the top of the card.

seth rollins fans response

Lynch’s popularity has not waned ever since her iconic heel turn and subsequent face turn in the past few years. Needless to say, she’ll enter the championship conversation in whichever brand she returns on.

Rollins’ case, however, is a bit trickier. Many fans have speculated that he might return as a babyface and reinvent his character.

To be honest, that seems like the best way forward for Rollins, given the failure of the ‘Messiah’ persona. While some might argue that he helped create new stars in Dominick Mysterio and Murphy, there’s a lot more to Seth Rollins than putting young guys over.

Rollins should be competing for the top titles on Raw and SmackDown rather than biding his time in mid-card storylines.

Hopefully, he will set his foot on the gas pedal whenever he returns and have another iconic championship run.

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WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle Reveals Why Ronda Rousey Left WWE



Ronda Rousey

Kurt Angle and Ronda Rousey made it big at WrestleMania 34 by beating Triple H and Stephanie McMahon in an emphatic fashion to end the tyrannical reign of The Authority once and for all.



During this time as a tag team, the two got close as friends and often trained together. Towards the end of their collaboration, they gelled as well as any other Tag Team and really brought the house down at WrestleMania.

ronda rousey and player

In a recent interview, Kurt Angle explained what his experience was like working with Ronda Rousey toward the main event.

“We were more of a brother-sister relationship,” said Angle, speaking on The Kurt Angle Show. “We grew close very quickly and we were flying on the company jet going to training and, you know, be trying to be around each other, spend more time together, going to NXT, training in the ring, structuring the match. You know, we did that for a few weeks before WrestleMania.”

The Hall of Famer revealed that he still keeps in touch with Rousey and that he enjoyed working with her.

ronda rousey talking

“So we made sure Ronda was well prepared, and that she knew every spot that she had to know and it worked extremely well,” said Angle.

“But I had a great relationship with her, I still do. We keep in touch, I’m really good friends with her husband, Travis. And they’re just good people.”

Kurt Angle explained the reason behind Ronda Rousey’s break

Currently, Ronda Rousey is on a break from WWE and the entire fight business. During this hiatus, she spends her time being with her family and has become an avid gamer.

“I think Rondo decided to take a break,” Angle said. “She’s been competing for her whole life right? Judo since she was five, the Olympics, then MMA, UFC, then WWE, she never stopped, right?

“She needed a break and I think that’s what she’s doing is taking a couple year break.”

So there IS a number. Fans were fully expecting the former WWE Raw Women’s Champion to return at Royal Rumble 2021, but have now started making peace with the fact that her days in the ring may be over.

Rousey has stated previously that her spine injury continues to cause her pain every time she’s put on a tour schedule and has little interest in returning to fight. For now, she continues to stay on her own ranch with her family.

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Becky Lynch Drives Lana To Tears In Video



becky-lynch mom's life

The ravishing Russian, Lana had strong words of praise for ‘The Man’ Becky Lynch during a recent interview with TalkSport.



During the interview, Lana discussed how the former WWE Raw Women’s Champion moved her to tears and how she helped Lana during their time together in the WWE.

Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch

She told the outlet: “Becky has helped me a lot. That would be someone that probably people don’t know about because of characters, storylines etc. But man, I have learned so much from Becky! I think partly, before The Man started, at live events she would be in the match and taking heat and I would be learning from her. She was so tough on me. But man, if she wasn’t tough, I wouldn’t be where I am right now. She was so tough [laughs] she would always be like ‘toughen up!’ and this and that.

Lana continued: “And now, I get texts from her saying ‘I’m so proud of you.’ She texts me every single week. I’m so thankful for that because when this whole pandemic started, I remember being so discouraged and I remember her telling me ‘you’re so strong. You’re such a strong woman. Now you’ve got to be who you are. Keep on carrying this, keep working hard, harder than anyone else so we can bring the people back that we love so much’ – and I remember those words [begins to cry].

Lana concluded: “I’m sorry. I just remember when she was like ‘you’ve got to be the strong woman that you are’ – those words helped me not to give up, you know? Hearing Becky say that about me. Every single day I start my morning like ‘I’m strong, I’m resilient I’m durable – I’m going to keep going.’ I just think it’s so important the words that we use to people and that’s such a great example of Becky giving me hope. Her texts and guidance every single week is just… I’m so thankful.

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