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Rafa not ready to push panic button just yet—see the shocking details



Rafa not ready to push panic button just yet

Rafa not ready to push panic button just yet.

Rafael Nadal suffered a surprise loss to Diego Schwartzman in the Quarter Finals of one of his favourite tournaments in Rome. Surprising because it is clay, his favourite surface and against a guy whom he has a 9-0 h2h record. This was Rafas first tournament since lockdown so it is no wonder he is a little ring rusty. In the end the Argentine won in two straight sets and for the first time in his career it was the first time he was able to repel Nadal.



New York a Bridge too far.

Rafa chose not to go to New York to contest the US Open despite his next strongest challenger Novak Djokovic making the trip. Most of the top players have all had two tournaments at least under their belts and will have benefitted from being in the tennis bubble.


Nadal stayed in Mallorca and practiced on clay along with many others like Stan, Svitolina, and La Monf. Will he live to rue that decision? Nadal has repeated time and time again that he values his health above tennis and his decision not to travel to NYC was based on the number of cases in USA.


Rome will certainly raise a few eyebrows as Rafa rarely loses there. The conditions are similar to Roland Garros which will ofcourse add a little fuel to the fire that Rafa may be off form. Nadal did not play great against Schwartzman, he struggled on serve and was not always able to get parity in the rallies.


Novak Djokovic will take on Nadal’s conqueror in the Rome Final. A matchup we have never seen before in a Masters 1000 Series final. Will Schwartzman strike it lucky? Take a look at and you could strike it lucky too. Can Diego defeat both Rafa and Novak on clay? It would send a massive shock to the tennis world if he could. But 2 late nights in a row could affect his performance.



Despite the loss Rafa will head onto Roland Garros as the favourite. His twelve titles on the surface should surely convince even the most ferment tennis fan that Nadal will always be the favourite. Djokovic is unbeaten in 2020 ( technically he has lost a game as he was disqualified) but he will certainly be in the mix. A Rafa Novak final would be the perfect tonic for tennis fans after a horrible year.




Other contenders

Dominic Thiem possibly still riding high after his first slam final in New York also feels at home in Paris. Thiem loves clay and he can surely raise his game when he needs to. Zverev could also be in the mix too. Is there anyone else? Hard to look outside those 4 for the title. Rafa is very much the man to beat on clay. It may be September it may be a different year but this is Roland Garros and Rafa lives for this tournament. He will take one hell of a beating.



The French Open kicks off next week in Paris. Cooler temperatures are expected with highest values in the high teens or low twenties. Will this affect Rafa in his quest for 13? Time will tell

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‘I expect him to pass Roger Federer’, says top journalist



Novak Djokovic won the Australian Open for the ninth time in his career and took his eighteenth major last week. The Serbian champion has thus brought himself within two distances of the Slam record of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, who are currently at 20.

The Big Three have fueled the passion of the fans and constantly made the world of tennis grow thanks to their talent and their successes. It is therefore no coincidence that the debate on who is the best has become one of the biggest questions.

In a recent interview, renowned American sports journalist Steve Flink revealed that Djokovic would go beyond 20 Grand Slam titles. He also believes that Djoker will easily surpass Federer in near future.


Flink on the Big 3’s era
“I think Novak Djokovic’ll go beyond 20,” began Steve Flink.



“I expect him to pass Roger Federer, I really do. The question to me is how many more Roland Garros does Rafael Nadal win? Because that could be the settling factor. If Rafa wins this year and next year to get to 22, then that means Djokovic has to have four more just to tie.



If Rafa wins only one of the two or if a miracle happens and he doesn’t win either one, I don’t know. It makes me think that likelihood is that Djokovic and Nadal could end up in a tie or Rafa could end up potentially one ahead of Djokovic.

But, I expect them both to pass Federer,” concluded the American journalist. Roger Federer will return to the court after almost a year. In a situation like this, it’ll definitely be difficult for him to compete with players who are almost half of his age and win Grand Slam titles.

Novak Djokovic recently won his 18th Grand Slam title at the Australian Open 2021. It was the ninth Australian Open title for the Serbian legend, and many experts are even calling him the ‘King of the Melbourne Park’ now.

However, it is not just at the Grand Slams at which he is excelling; he has now achieved another unique feat as well. With his victory at the Australian Open 2021, World No.1 Novak Djokovic has won 82 ATP tournaments so far out of 258.

This is magnificent, as he has a whopping win percentage of 31.78%. He recently surpassed 11-time Grand Slam winner Bjorn Borg, who had a win percentage of 31.73% as he had won 66 tournaments out of 208. Only the Australian legend and 11-time Grand Slam champion Rod Laver has a better win percentage than Djoker from the Open Era players.

Laver won 71 tournaments out of his 211 appearances at ATP events. Thus, he is at the top of the list with a win percentage of 33.64%.

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‘Looked at differently’: Coach’s racism claims about Novak Djokovic



Novak Djokovic’s coach has let rip at the way World No.1 was treated throughout the last year following his Australian Open title.

Djokovic claimed his 18th Grand Slam title after his incredibly dominant Australian Open title charge last month.

community after he was outspoken on quarantine conditions regarding some players.

This has prompted coach Goran Ivanisevic to liken Djokovic’s treatment, following the ill-fated Adria Tour during the coronavirus pandemic, to the cult horror film a ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’.

He even went as far as to claim an element of the treatment is racist because he comes from Serbia.

“Everything started with the Adria Tour; they were after him even before that, but in the last year it seemed to me as if I am watching that film The Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” he told Tennis Majors, while laughing.

“Why is he being treated that way? Probably because of his background, people from Balkans are always looked at differently; also, Novak is not afraid to speak his mind and to fight for causes he believes in.”

Novak Djokovic’s injury critics ‘sad’
At the US Open last year, Djokovic was defaulted after accidentally hitting a ball at a lines judge.

This prompted fierce backlash for the World No.1 after he was eliminated.

But coach Ivanisevic said people wanted to see Djokovic’s downfall at the US Open.

He also said Djokovic was the only one to step up for his current players in Australia.

“What happened at the US Open, it was as if everyone was glad because that kind of s**t happened to him. In Australia he stood up for his fellow players and again – let’s kick Djokovic because he is the only one to speak up, everyone else stays silent,” he said.

He also addressed the latest furore, surrounding Djokovic’s injury halfway through the Australian Open tournament.

Many accused Djokovic of playing up the injury, which occurred during the match against American Taylor Fritz in the Third Round.

But this was preposterous, according to his coach.

He said people accusing Djokovic of an injury was “the saddest thing” and claimed if other players were injured and overcame the problem they would be praised.

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