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My biggest dream in life is to die empty- Ibukun Awosika



The Chairman of First Bank of Nigeria, Ibukun Awosika, has revealed that her biggest dream in life is to ‘die empty’.

While speaking at a private screening of Kunle Afolayan’s latest movie, Citation, which held at Terra Kulture over the weekend, Awosika noted that the last time she acted was when she was in secondary school.

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The businesswoman who is known to be an author and a motivational speaker said, “I am a very adventurous individual and my biggest dream in life is to die empty, which means, every talent or gifting that I have, I must use. This was one that I could not have planned for but it had crossed my mind at some point in time remembering acting in secondary school, which was the last time that I acted by the way.

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“The first time Kunle Afolayan approached me I had a good laugh because I thought it was a joke. Then he did a good job of encircling me, my husband, Folake, everyone that was around me so at a point, I said okay. Bring the script and let me know what this is all about.

“I am a person that does everything deliberately for a reason and for me, this is a cause that is worth fighting for. Beyond talking about things, whenever I find the opportunity to do more than the talking I will do it,” Awosika said.

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Speaking on her experience as a first-time actress, Awosika hailed the Nigerian movie industry stating that it can be the best in the world. She further revealed her deal with Afolayan before she became a part of the project.

“I know many people that would watch this movie because I am in it. I received a thousand and one phone calls and messages after they went public. I have to ask to give applause to the team because one thing I learnt about the industry is the great discipline and understanding of confidentiality. We had a deal; nobody was meant to know that I am involved with the project until they go public with it and even though there were over a hundred people on set, they made sure that rule was set because those were my condition for taking part in it.

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When I think of how many people and the discipline because we took pictures and shared recorded messages but no one was meant to let anyone know that I was involved so that there would be no distraction and there was not a single leak until Kunle sent out his message.

“That for me is extremely impressive but more so, is the greatness within the Nigerian movie industry. The shared division of labour, the amazing discipline with which they do their work, the order in the different segment; never judge a man till you get in his shoes, that is the one lesson I learnt. I doff my hat. I encourage everyone to give respect to Nigeria’s Nollywood,” she said.

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Roger Federer on time out: “It was nice to live normally as a family”



Roger Federer spent a lot of time at home as part of his break after the knee operation – and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Federer explained this in a conversation with Schweizer Illustrierte after his victory at the “Sports Awards”.

He had already experienced this in 2016, says Federer, at that time he had an operation on his right knee and after a brief comeback in the summer had declared his season over.

“This year passed just as quickly as one on the tour,” said Federer. “What was new for us was that we were finally in one place. We were able to make plans: What do we do this Wednesday, what next?” Although they are together on the tour as a family, the stress has now disappeared.

The “Daddy has another match” or “Don’t be too loud in the morning because Daddy didn’t go to bed until three in the morning after a match.” Federer: “It was nice to live normally as a family for once.”

He himself often played the chauffeur for his kids during that time. “And I enjoyed being a good host when the rules allowed visitors. In the past, everyone was happy when our friends just dropped by. Now I’ve taken care of everything: nice light, a nice atmosphere, the right wine. I had a lot more time to celebrate. ”

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Novak Djokovic, Caroline Wozniacki meet Serena Williams’s daughter



Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr. is just nine months old, but yet she is very active on social network thanks to her parents Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian. Olympia has 354,000 followers on Instagram and more than 6,000 on Twitter.

Her photo featuring her with Novak Djokovic got viral. They met each other for the first time ever, and the Serbian was excited: ‘Future champion!! Welcome back to your strong and fearless mom, Serena’, he wrote on Twitter.

Serena’s sister, Venus, commented: ‘That’s a A list baby.’ Also Caroline Wozniacki, a very close Serena’s friend, met the little girl: ‘It was very beautiful to be with her and Olympias. If she didn’t feel good, I don’t think she would play here.


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Kobe Bryant Says He Took Help from Serena Williams for His Childrens Book



Basketball superstar Kobe Bryant says he spoke to tennis champion Serena Williams for his new children’s book “Legacy of the Queen” – the story of Legacy, an amateur tennis player in the magical kingdom of Nova hoping to win a tennis tournament.

The book is authored by Annie Matthew and Bryant spoke about his discussions with Williams, a 23-time Grand Slam champion, at the Orange County Children’s Book Festival at Orange Coast College. “We sat on the phone for like an hour and we just talked.

We talked about technique, we talked about practice, we talked about the emotional struggles of being a young athlete. I think a lot of times as athletes, we feel like being sensitive is a weakness. I wanted (Legacy) to be a great example for my daughters, for all the young women out there, that your sensitivity is where a lot of your power, your inner magic comes from”.

The book is one of two books that Bryant has come out with – the other one being “The Wizenard Series: Training Camp”. He says he would be working on four more books in the Wizenard Series and a sequel to the Legacy story as well.

He was also hoping to get his books adapted into feature films. Bryant hopes that children will be positively impacted by his work. “If we can give them really complicated messages at an early age: how to deal with emotion, how to deal with things good, bad or indifferent, the world would be a better place.”

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