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Lakers Defeat Wizards as LeBron James, Anthony Davis Sit out Scrimmage



There wasn’t much star power on the court Monday when the Los Angeles Lakers and Washington Wizards met in a scrimmage, with LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Kyle Kuzma and Dwight Howard all held out of the contest.



lebron james action on MPV race

There was no Bradley Beal or Avery Bradley either, with both players sitting out the restart in Orlando.

That gave the role players from both teams a chance to shine, however, with the Lakers winning the matchup 123-116.

Lakers fan favorite Alex Caruso showed why he’ll have a big role in the team’s postseason run after a strong game Monday, while JR Smith and Dion Waiters had solid performances in their battle to earn minutes going forward.

Key Stats

Alex Caruso, LAL: 17 points, six assists, five rebounds

JR Smith, LAL: 20 points, five rebounds

Rui Hachimura, WAS: 19 points

Dion Waiters, LAL: 18 points, six assists

Danny Green, LAL: 13 points

Jerome Robinson, WAS: 18 points, three assists

JR Smith Making a Strong Case to Crack Rotation

Smith went off on Monday, obliterating the Wizards from beyond the arc (6-of-7). Smith’s path to significant minutes is pretty simple: If he hits shots from the perimeter and plays solid defense, he’ll have a role for the Lakers, much as he did with James in Cleveland.

Granted, the Lakers have options for replacing Bradley’s minutes at the 2, from Caruso and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope to Smith and Waiters. Frank Vogel will have the luxury to go with the hot hand on the wing

On Monday, Smith had that hot hand while Waiters (8-of-17 from the field) showed why he could be a solid option when James sits. It still seems likely that both Waiters and Smith could see time, though the catch-and-shoot Smith is the more natural fit with James, while Waiters—given that he operates better creating looks for himself off the dribble—may be better served staggered with James.

Rui Hachimura Showing Nice Growth in Orlando

The Wizards rookie followed up a double-double in the team’s last scrimmage with a solid scoring option on Monday, showing why he’ll be the focal point of this Washington team heading into the restart.

With no Beal and a 5.5-game deficit to make up in the Eastern Conference playoff hunt, the Wizards can afford to focus more on the development of a young prospect like Hachimura. He heads into the resumption of the season averaging 13.4 points and six rebounds, solid marks for a rookie.

If he thrives on the restart, Wizards fans will have reason to head into next season with high expectations for both Hachimura and the team’s prospects going forward.

What’s Next?

The Lakers open the resumed season Thursday at 9 p.m. ET against the Los Angeles Clippers, while the Wizards do the same Friday at 4 p.m. ET against the Phoenix Suns.

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“LeBron James was adjusting to the adjustments we made to our adjustments”: Heat coach Erik Spoelstra on the Lakers star’s wily basketball brains in the 2020 NBA Finals



LeBron James

Erik Spoelstra gave us a soundbite for the ages, speaking about LeBron James and how he showed his elite basketball IQ in the 2020 Finals.

LeBron James is looked upon as one of the smartest, if not the smartest, players in basketball. We have numerous stories to back this notion up.



One famous instance was from the post-game interview for Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals, 2018. James rattled off every play that led to the Cavaliers getting blown out by the Celtics in that presser.

LeBron James

LeBron’s friends claim that playing Madden with him is a real pain, because he memorizes all of his opponents’ playcalls. Erik Spoelstra has previously marvelled at LeBron’s perfect in-game memory for plays that he made several years ago.

Erik Spoelstra talks about how LeBron James adjusted to his second-degree adjustments
Spoelstra’s words are best explained by quoting him directly rather than any other method:

LeBron James

“In the Finals, he was making adjustments to our adjustments to the adjustments. And not making an adjustment to the adjustment I thought about making an adjustment, but I bluffed the adjustment, and he knew I was making a bluff.”

Scared of the inception in adjustments yet? It gets even better from here on out, as Spoelstra simply gave up on explaining this whole hullabaloo to us:

“. . . By the end of the series, I had no idea what the adjustments were.”

The Heat managed to hold on to their slender 4th quarter lead last night, beating the Lakers 96-94.

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‘KD, Steph & Klay’: LeBron James’ Sharp Response to Those Labelling Nets Most Offensive Team in NBA History



LeBron James

LeBron James has been in the NBA for the last 18 years. So, he has witnessed it himself – some of the best guys in the league joining forces to form a super team. In fact, he was the one who ushered in the era of Big 3 while he was with the Miami Heat.



And this Thursday night, he will go up against, arguably, the most formidable Big 3 currently in the league, the Brooklyn Nets.

Many in the media are already calling James Harden, Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Durant the most offensive trio in the league’s history. However, LeBron James is not buying into that.

In the aftermath of the Lakers’ 112-104 win against the Timberwolves, a reporter asked him if there was any other team in the league’s rich history that compares to the Nets’ offensive firepower. To this, LeBron offered a quick response –

“Have we forgot (forgotten) about KD, Steph, and Klay already!?”

The Los Angeles Lakers forward is aware of what he’s talking about here. He, of course, went up against the dominant lineup of the Golden State Warriors. The fact that he could not topple them speaks volumes about the invincibility of that Warriors team.

LeBron James excited to face the Brooklyn Nets challenge
It is a match that we all have been waiting for this season. LeBron is also looking forward to the fresh challenge that the Nets offer with their destructive trio.

“Well, it’s always exciting for me to go up against some of the best guys in the game and they got three of them. They got three of them and definitely love to be full when you are playing against a team like that and see you know, like at that point of the season where you match up, how you match up against some of the best teams in the league,” said James.

“And obviously, we won’t be full on Thursday. But other than that, I love going out there and just being on the floor with some of the best that play this game.”

As he said, the only downside of this encounter will be the unavailability of Anthony Davis. Without him, it is not possible to get a clearer picture of which team has their noses ahead. For this one, though, LeBron will need others to step up.

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COL CALL UFC star Colby Covington calls LeBron James ‘coward’ who ‘wouldn’t last 10 seconds with me’ in astonishing attack



COLBY COVINGTON said ‘coward’ LeBron James ‘wouldn’t last 10 seconds with me’ in an astonishing attack on the NBA icon.

The outspoken UFC welterweight attacked the Black Lives Matter movement and James, 35, as well as other players who boycotted games in protest.

Covington, who dedicated his win to first responders, said: “You keep us safe, not these woke athletes.

“I’m sick of these woke athletes and these spineless cowards like LeBron James.”

The ex-UFC interim champion followed up the jibe on Twitter, also taking a shot at James’ former team-mate Delonte West, 37, who suffered from drug abuse.

Covington tweeted: “LOL at the snowflakes that believe @KingJames could even last 10 seconds with me!

“If that coward had the balls or the ability to kick anyone’s ass, Delonte West would’ve lost his teeth long before his meth habit!”



Covington previously took a swipe at NBA stars who boycotted their games in protest, urging them to instead quit and become cops.



Before Woodley was beaten by the vocal Donald Trump supporter, he responded to every question at the press conference by saying ‘Black Lives Matter’.



“You know if you are breaking the law and you are threatening the cops with weapons. You know, you deserve to get what you get.


“Law enforcement protects us all. If you don’t have law enforcement it would be the wild wild west.

“So you know, people need to go and give a pat on the back to law enforcement every single day and thank them for keeping us all safe.



“Otherwise you know all these criminals would be running the streets wild and none of us would be safe.

“You know he is a communist. You know, he’s a Marxist. He stands for criminals.

“He hates America, and that’s why he got broke tonight.”

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