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‘I consider myself a fighter but Rafael Nadal’s completely…’, says ATP ace




Perhaps Stefanos Tsitsipas also has too many passions that distract him from tennis, for sure, by far, he is the most multifaceted and intriguing star on the scene. He presented himself in 2017 at the Next Gen Finals in Milan as a journalist-interviewer, when he went crazy with his portable video camera framing colleagues and the public, balls and rackets, always witty and with a smile printed on his nice female-catcher face: “The world media has always attracted me a lot ”.

He continued as an increasingly credible protagonist on the spotlight of the ATP Tour, showing himself now as he paddles on a river, now while climbing a mountain or shoe on a bumpy path, now a holiday version on an exotic beach, now a juggler, now a carefree boy having a drink with friends now a wild frequenter of social networks.

With those lively eyes and the sophisticated casual look, the 22-year-old Greek immediately gives the idea of ​​an extremely thinking person, fought by many different ideas and interests, off the pitch, as well as inside he always gives the impression of having too many options and often of choosing.

the wrong one, maybe even just in time. Stefanos Tsitsipas has earmarked beating Rafael Nadal at Roland Garros as one of his goals for the upcoming 2021 season. But in a recent interview with the Roland Garros website, Stefanos Tsitsipas expressed hope of beating the ‘incomparable’ Nadal in Paris.

Tsitsipas on beating Rafael Nadal at Roland Garros
“A really good goal would be maybe to beat Rafael Nadal on clay, or at Roland Garros, that would be a really nice goal,” Stefanos Tsitsipas said. “He’s such a difficult player to play against, very difficult, very consistent, incredible fighting spirit.

I consider myself a fighter but he’s completely next level, incomparable. That would be a realistic, I hope, goal, not too much to ask.” Tsitsipas also gave an insight into what makes the Spanish legend so difficult to beat.

The Greek pointed out that Nadal’s heavy topspin is a significant weapon, which combined with his anticipation, agility and fight make him a truly formidable opponent. “They don’t call Rafael Nadal the most difficult player to beat accidentally, there is something behind it,” Tsitsipas stated.

“For me personally, he has a very heavy ball and he is just anticipating very well, very good movement on the court as well. He spins, his agility on the court is very impressive and the way he fights, he’s just never going to give up, that makes him very very difficult.”

But while most players on the tour are solely focused on their tennis careers, Stefanos Tsitsipas has a wide variety of interests outside the sport. And the Greek hopes to exert his influence beyond the court in the coming years as well.

“I want to expand, I want to do greater things, not just in the field of tennis, but also outside of it,” Tsitsipas said. “And through music, through vlogging, through photography, through building a company, stuff like that… it allows for connecting people, it allows for ideas to be shared.

I see it as something so positive, so bright for humanity, for human beings, to just be able to create a space or a place that will allow for humanitarian development as well,” he added.

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‘Rafael Nadal literally thrashed Novak Djokovic’, says former No. 2



How can you identify the greatest tennis player in the world? What are the parameters to take into consideration? All questions to which there is no real answer. The debate on the GOAT (Greatest of All Time) will probably never end and indeed with the recent victory at Roland Garros of the Spanish champion Rafael Nadal will become even richer.

The Majorcan has now joined Roger Federer at 20 Grand Slam titles while Novak Djokovic chases at 17. Recently, the strong Canadian tennis player Milos Raonic also spoke on the matter and he too declared that the debate on the GOAT will never end.

In conclusion it can be said that there are several additional factors to consider in the debate, beyond the Grand Slam count. Novak Djokovic was ‘literally thrashed’ by Rafael Nadal in the French Open final, says Alex Corretja.

Corretja on the French Open final

“Rafael Nadal literally thrashed Novak Djokovic,” Alex Corretja told “And it should be remembered that the Serbian is the current number one in the world and that he has 17 Grand Slams to his credit.

“He defeated him at the most important moment and under the most adverse conditions”. Corretja also stressed just how big Nadal is in Spain, claiming no other Spanish athlete can match his popularity. “Without a doubt, he is the Spanish athlete with the largest number of followers in our country and the audiences support him.

The final had more than three and a half million viewers hooked on television to see Rafa’s new feat”. Rafael Nadal is respected and thought about a lot around the world. And for budding tennis players in Spain, Rafa is their inspiration.

Rafa’s academy in Mallorca, Spain is bringing up top talent into the tennis court. In his career or life, Rafa follows simple formulas to be who he is. The Rafa Nadal Museum Xperience is Rafa Nadal’s first and only trophy exhibition in which, in addition to collecting his 20 Grand Slam titles, highlights of his sporting career are collected from when he started playing tennis until today.

The tour is done through his trophies, but also through the shirts and shoes that Rafa won each of the Grand Slam finals in and played with throughout his career. In addition to knowing firsthand the results of one of the best tennis players in history, in the exhibition area visitors will be able to see the objects donated by some of the main figures in the history of world sport such as Michael Jordan, Fernando Alonso, Pau Gasol, Roger Federer, Mireia Belmonte, Usain Bolt, Serena Williams, Cristiano Ronaldo and many others.

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Rafael Nadal: “Better that a sportsman does not deal with politics”



The controversy arising from the words of the Swedish AC Milan striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic about LeBron James has caused a sensation in recent days. The experienced AC Milan player praised the qualities of the Los Angeles Lakers basketball player, but at the same time he stressed that as a basketball champion he only had to take care of that and not argue for political issues and that in any case they did not concern him.

LeBron James responded harshly in the conference, but during an interview with Veja the Spanish champion Rafael Nadal, although in different contexts and not dealing with this, wanted to talk about this issue. Here are his words: “Why don’t I want to talk about politics? I am aware of the political situation and I talk about it a lot with my friends and with my team members, I am informed and have my own opinion like any other citizen.

However, I know that if I start talking about politics, everything I say will be taken from a certain context and would make me uncomfortable. For this reason I avoid talking about it, even if I think I have every right in the world to express my opinion.”

Rafael Nadal on his career and on Djokovic
The Spanish champion also stated: “COVID-19 struck me a lot, especially during the quarantine. I couldn’t and didn’t want to train, I didn’t want to do anything.
When we managed to get some situations I resumed training albeit with less intensity, always trying to avoid injuries.

It was a slow process that took place step by step. I changed my routine and the virus undoubtedly hit me. Training without knowing what the next tournament was going to be was tough, we didn’t have any goals. However, playing without an audience was really sad, but I think I adapted to the new situation at Roland Garros.”

On the behavior of Novak Djokovic during the pandemic Rafa declared: “I prefer to talk about how I have lived the last few months instead of judging what others are doing. It was very difficult to observe what was happening and especially about what was happening around me.

We live in a very strict quarantine with thousands of deaths, I remember that between April and June there were over 50 thousand deaths in Spain. I didn’t have the strength to do anything given the situation and I think that given the problems of so many countries it is impossible to relax.”

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Serena Williams looking hot and smart with her daughter Olympia for Stuart Weitzman. VIDEO



Serena Williams loves spending time and posing with her lovely daughter Olympia. The world no.7 is partnering with Stuart Weitzman, helping to promote the Spring 2021 collection. Serena appeared in a photoshoot and really nice and cute video with Olympia or… the “mini-Serena.”

Serena and her daughter Olympia are inseparable. As per Serena Williams’ coach Patrick Mouratoglou, they have never spent even 1 day apart and the former world no.1 travels around the world to play her tournaments only if Olympia can travel with her.


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