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Coronavirus: Which countries have confirmed cases? Infections with the virus, which originated in the Chinese city of Wuhan, have been reported around the world.



Territories with confirmed cases of COVID-19
Here are the countries that have so far confirmed coronavirus cases:
Afghanistan – 22 cases
Albania – 55 cases, 1 death
Algeria – 72 cases, 6 deaths
Andorra – 39 cases
Antigua and Barbuda – 2 case
Argentina – 79 cases, 2 deaths
Armenia – 78 cases
Australia – 452 cases, 5 deaths
Austria – 1,332 cases, 4 death
Azerbaijan – 34 cases, 1 death
Bahrain – 241 cases, 1 death
Bangladesh – 18 cases, 1 death

Update on Coronavirus : Qatar bans entry of foreigners as coronavirus cases rise Qatar, which has the highest number of coronavirus cases in the Arab Gulf region at 452, has banned entry of foreigners.

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Belarus – 36 cases
Belgium – 1,243 cases, 10 deaths
Bhutan – 1 case
Bolivia – 12 cases
Bosnia & Herzegovina – 39 cases
Brazil – 621 cases, 7 deaths
Brunei – 56 cases
Bulgaria – 81 cases, 2 deaths
Burkina Faso – 27 cases, 1 death
Cambodia – 47 cases
Cameroon – 10 cases
Canada – 690 cases, 9 deaths
Central African Republic – 1 case
Chad – 1 case
Chile – 201 cases
China – 80,928 cases, 3,245 deaths

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Coronavirus live updates: Italy deaths at 3,405; cases up 41,000 Italy’s death toll from pandemic surpasses numbers from China as Beijing reports at least 228 new cases from abroad.

The region of Macau had confirmed 10 cases before they all recovered, while Hong Kong reported 148 confirmed cases, including four deaths, according to China’s National Health Commission.
Colombia – 65 cases
Congo Republic – 3 cases
Costa Rica – 50 cases
Croatia – 102 cases, 1 death
Cuba – 4 cases, 1 death
Cyprus – 49 cases
Czech Republic – 434 cases
Denmark – 977 cases, 4 death
Djibouti – 1 case
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Dominican Republic – 21 cases, 1 death
Ecuador – 111 cases, 2 deaths
Egypt – 256 cases, 7 deaths
Equatorial Guinea – 1 case
Estonia – 225 cases
Eswatini – 1 case
Ethiopia – 1 case
Faroe Islands – 47 cases
Finland – 322 cases
France – 9,134 cases, 264 deaths

Coronavirus live updates: Italy deaths at 3,405; cases up 41,000 Italy's death toll from pandemic surpasses numbers from China as Beijing reports at least 228 new cases from abroad.The French territory of Martinique recorded 15 cases and a death from the coronavirus. Reunion has six confirmed cases. French Polynesia, Saint Barthelemy and Mayotte registered 1 case each. The French part of the island of Saint Martin confirmed 2 cases while Guadalupe has three cases.
Coronavirus timeline 29/01/20
French Guiana – 11 cases
Gabon – 1 case
Gambia – 1 case
Georgia – 34 cases
Germany – 10,999 cases, 29 deaths
Ghana – 11 cases
Greece – 464 cases, 6 deaths
Guatemala – 8 cases, 1 death
Guinea – 1 case
Guyana- 7 cases, 1 death
Honduras – 3 cases
Hungary – 50 cases, 1 death
Iceland – 247 cases
India – 166 cases, 4 deaths
Indonesia – 309 cases, 25 deaths
Iran – 18,407 cases, 1,284 deaths
Iraq – 154 cases, 11 deaths
Ireland – 557 cases, 2 deaths
Israel – 529 cases
Coronavirus symptoms
Italy – 41,035 cases, 3,405 deaths
Ivory Coast – 3 cases
Jamaica – 15 cases
Japan – 1,614 cases, 36 deaths

A total of 697 people on the quarantined Diamond Princess cruise ship docked at Yokohama had tested positive for the virus. Seven people who were on the ship have died.

Japan does not include the people on board as part of its national tally, in accordance with the WHO guidance. The national tally is 787 as of March 13, including 14 evacuees from China and 22 deaths.
Jordan – 69 cases

Kazakhstan – 33 cases
Kenya – 7 cases
Kosovo – 20 cases
Kuwait – 130 cases
Latvia – 60 cases
Lebanon – 124 cases, 4 deaths
Liberia – 1 case
Liechtenstein – 19 cases
Lithuania – 26 cases
Luxembourg – 140 cases, 1 death

Malaysia – 900 cases, 2 deaths
Maldives – 13 cases
Malta – 38 cases
Mauritania – 1 case
Mexico – 118 cases, 1 death

Moldova – 30 cases
Monaco – 2 cases
Mongolia – 1 case
Montenegro – 8 cases
Morocco – 44 cases, 1 death
Explainer: Battle against Coronavirus (1:27)
Namibia – 2 cases
Nepal – 1 case
Netherlands – 2,460 cases, 76 deaths
New Zealand – 20 cases
Niger – 1 case
Nigeria – 2 cases
North Macedonia – 43 cases
Norway – 1,470 cases, 3 deaths
Oman – 33 cases
Pakistan – 440 cases, 2 deaths
Palestine – 44 cases
Panama – 69 cases, 1 death
Paraguay – 7 cases
Peru – 117 cases
Philippines – 187 cases, 14 deaths
Poland – 238 cases, 5 deaths
Portugal – 448 cases, 2 death
Qatar – 460 cases
Romania – 217 cases

Russia – 147 cases, 1 death
Rwanda – 11 cases
Coronavirus: How can people protect themselves?
Saint Lucia – 2 cases
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines – 1 case
San Marino – 119 cases, 11 deaths
Saudi Arabia – 171 cases
Senegal – 37 cases
Serbia – 103 cases
Seychelles – 2 cases
Singapore – 345 cases
Slovakia – 97 cases
Slovenia – 286 cases, 1 death
Somalia – 1 case
South Africa – 116 cases
South Korea – 8,565 cases, 91 deaths
Spain – 17,147 cases, 767 deaths
Sri Lanka – 59 cases
Coronavirus: Immunity
Sudan – 2 death
Suriname – 1 death
Sweden – 1,196 cases, 8 deaths
Switzerland – 3,438 cases, 33 deaths
Taiwan – 77 cases, 1 death
Tanzania – 1 case
Thailand – 272 cases, 1 death
Togo – 1 case
Trinidad and Tobago – 2 cases
Tunisia – 25 cases
Turkey – 359 cases, 4 deaths
Ukraine – 14 cases, 2 deaths
United Arab Emirates – 113 cases
United Kingdom – 3,269 cases, 144 deaths

The British overseas territory of Gibraltar has registered one confirmed case of the coronavirus. Guernsey confirmed a signel case while Jersey has two. The Cayman Islands recorded an infection and a death.
United States – 10,442 cases, 150 deaths

The US territory of Puerto Rico has three confirmed cases.
Uruguay – 50 cases
Uzbekistan – 11 case

Vatican City – 1 case
Venezuela – 42 cases
Vietnam – 66 cases
Zambia – 2 cases

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GOOD NEWS TO OYO WORKERS: Makinde approves six-month maternity leave for Oyo workers



Makinde approves six-month maternity leave for Oyo workers

Oyo State Governor, Seyi Makinde, has approved the extension of maternity leave to six months for state government employees.

The Commissioner for Establishment and Training, Prof. Daud Shangodoyin, said this while briefing journalists at the end of the State Executive Council Meeting in Ibadan on Tuesday.

The commissioner said the governor had approved an upward review of maternity leave period for pregnant women and nursing mothers in the employment of the state from four months to six months.
 Makinde approves six-month maternity leave for Oyo workers
He added that the council also adopted the World Health Organisation recommendation on exclusive breast-feeding of a child.

Shangodoyin stated that the council, after deliberating on a memorandum for the review, agreed to an upward review of the leave from four to six months.

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He said weekends were inclusive, adding that the affected workers would get their full salaries and other benefits during the six months.

He stated, however, that the period of closing at 2pm for six months has now been cancelled.

He said, “At the 38th meeting held today, we deliberated on a memorandum on the review of maternity leave for pregnant and nursing mothers in the employment of Oyo State for every motherhood and we resolved and approved as follows:

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“The adoption of WHO recommendation on this matter on exclusive breast-feeding of a child.

“An upward review of maternity leave period for pregnant and nursing mothers in the employment of the state from four to six months, weekends inclusive, with full payment of salaries and other benefits.

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“Also, the period of closing at 2pm for six months, upon resumption has been cancelled. The application shall be for civil and public service workers only.

“The Executive Council also approved that the leave shall commence from four weeks to the expected date of delivery and it shall be mandatory for beneficiaries to proceed for the four weeks pre-natal leave as specified in the civil service rule.

“Also, we approved that the review is for female employees of Oyo State Government only and it shall be enjoyed at most four times in her service years.”

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BREAKING NEWS: Lagos calls for precautions against second wave of COVID-19—Health commissioner



The Lagos state Government has warned against the second wave of covid-19 and every necessary precaution should duly adhere to.This was found in the press released by the Director, Public Affairs of the Ministry of Health, Tunbosun Ogunbanwo, on Tuesday

The statement was titled, ‘Lagos calls for precautions against second wave of COVID-19’.

The statement quoted the Commissioner for Health, Prof. Akin Abayomi, as saying that many countries around the world have found it necessary to impose a second lockdown and restriction of movements, which have significant socio-economic and security consequences.

The commissioner, however, warned that “the continuous flagrant disregard of safety guidelines by citizens heralds’ danger and may lead to a second wave of new infections in Lagos”.

Part of the statement read, “The Lagos State Government has once again stressed the need for residents to strictly adhere to precautionary measures against COVID-19 infection transmission to prevent a recurrence of the situation that led to the lockdown of the economy.

“A resurgence of cases in Lagos may lead to the reversal of the strategically calculated measures put in place by the Government to open up the economy.

“The first wave of coronavirus started in December 2019 and swept through an unprepared world. The first case of COVID-19 in Nigeria was recorded in Lagos on the 27th of February 2020. Lagos has since become the epicentre of the outbreak in Nigeria with a record of 21,107 confirmed cases and 212 deaths from the virus till date.

“The containment measures put in place at the time included COVID-19 testing, isolation and treatment, surveillance, total shutdown of the State for about 12 weeks and partial shutdown of social, economic and academic activities for over four months.”

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Abayomi advised citizens against unnecessary movement and social gatherings, “unless it is absolutely necessary stressing that travelling into and outside the Country should be discouraged except when absolutely necessary”.

He said, “The erroneous belief that COVID-19 has been conquered and is no more in Nigeria should be discarded. Based on our data, this assumption is invalid. It creates a false sense of security amongst the citizens causing many to abandon the use of face masks and other safety measures and protocols put in place by the Government.

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“Though we have reached our peak as predicted and are now experiencing a decline in the number of positive cases, this is not a reason to conclude that all is over. COVID-19 is still very much with us as evidenced in the number of cases being recorded in the community daily and occasional deaths from severe complications.

“The reason for the decline in COVID-19 cases in Lagos is attributable to a number of factors, including public adherence to safety regulations of physical and social distancing, hand hygiene, use of face mask in public places, expanded testing strategy and contact tracing, among others, and this is the more reason why citizens should not relent in this regard if we don’t want to experience a second wave of the disease.”

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I have bipolar disorder – Nollywood actress, Chacha Eke




Nigerian screen goddess, Chacha Eke Faani has debunked speculations that her marriage crashed over domestic abuse from her husband, Austin Faani. The actress who took to social media a few days ago to announce the end of her 7-year-old marriage to Nollywood movie producer Austin Faani, said she has been diagnosed of bipolar disorder. In a video she made on a hospital bed, the beautiful mother of three said:

“Five days ago, I made a video saying that my marriage to Austin Faani is over and that video came with a lot of backlash from people with many insinuating that it’s a clear case of domestic violence. It’s not. Austin has never laid his hands on me. Austin has never even raised his voice at me and God in heaven knows that’s the truth.” Continuing she said, “I’m here at First Delta American hospital, Asaba, receiving treatment. Several psychiatrists have come to assess me mentally and I have been diagnosed of bipolar disorder. Bipolar is real. Here in Africa, we tend not to know about it due to ignorance or overlook it. I cannot tell you all how I’ve been feeling in these tiny videos that I’ve been making but I will, however, show you motion pictures soon”.

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