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Breaking News: The Worst has Happened to Tiger Woods , to the Extend that AARP taking shot at him….see the full story below



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After posting his worst opening round at the British Open, Tiger Woods experienced another first on social media: getting burned on Twitter… by the AARP.

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Why, you ask? In Woods’ Tuesday press conference he was asked if he’d thought of retirement due to his recent poor play. Here was his response:

“Well, retirement? I don’t have any AARP card yet, so I’m a ways from that.”

It was a pretty funny response that drew laughs from the assembled media. But it got the 50-and-over membership group’s attention, bringing about this jab at the 39-year-old Woods after he shot 76.

Ouch. And totally random considering AARP’s previous tweet was “4 reasons not to over-invest in municipal bonds.”

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Hang in there, Tiger. Your golf game is bound to turn around at some point.

But just in case it doesn’t and that “R”-word comes sooner than expected, make sure you’re not over-investing in municipal bonds.

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1 Comment

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Tiger Woods, revelation about Elin Nordegren



Good news about Tiger Woods: he is seeing his kids frequently. We are talking about Charlie Axel, 12, and Sam Alexis, 13. A sources close to the golfer tell “People” in this week’s issue that his ex-wife, Elin Nordegren, has been “incredible” in letting the kids spend extra time with their dad.

Elin Nordegren and Tiger Woods
“He sees the kids a lot,” says the insider. “Maybe not every day, but almost every day. A lot of that is because of Elin, who is just amazing. She’s been incredible since the crash.

She has bent over backwards to make sure that he can see the kids while he recovers from his injuries.” The Tiger Woods car accident is still a mistery. Evidence released this week from the investigation continues to point to a simple cause that ties all the available clues together, forensic crash experts told USA TODAY Sports.

They believe the evidence is consistent with Woods being unconscious when he left his lane and then went on a straight path of pure danger for nearly 400 feet instead of staying with the road as it curved right. Woods didn’t hit the brakes during the recorded collision sequence, didn’t steer out of the emergency and didn’t remember driving.

But the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department instead gave other reasons for the crash this week and barely mentioned the possibility of Woods being unconscious. “Their conclusions are misguided, and the investigation obviously wasn’t thorough”, said Jonathan Cherney, a former police detective who now works as a car crash reconstruction expert.

Tiger Woods thought he was in Florida after crashing his car last February. A 22-pages report on the California accident reveals it. The document also states that the athlete’s blood pressure was so low that it was not even possible to administer painkillers.

In addition, an empty unlabeled drug pack was found in a backpack. It is therefore not known what type of medicine it contained. Still according to the car’s black box data, Woods made no attempt to swerve to avoid the midline and thus go off the road.

“If he had braked to reduce speed – said Sergeant Michael Downing, the agent who prepared the report – he would not have ended up against the midline and the accident would not have occurred” According to the Los Angeles County Sheriff, the crash was caused by speeding.

Woods drove at around 140km / h in an area where the permitted limit is 72km / h. There is also no sign that Woods braked before going off the road. Woods has sustained multiple fractures in his right leg and it is still unclear whether he will be able to return to the golf courses again.

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Djokovic: ‘If Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal were not there…’



Although the first round was not an overly dangerous pitfall, the ease of tennis expressed by Novak Djokovic was absolutely impressive. High pace, winners, perfect balance and his unique ability to do what he wants with his backhand helped to easily liquidate the French veteran Jérémy Chardy in three sets in the evening match of the first day of the Australian Open 2021.

Inevitable at the press conference some mention of his great rivals, above all Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, although the Swiss is not even present at the first slam of the season. Specifically, Nole was asked how much these two sacred monsters of tennis encourage him to improve and compete to improve his tennis and increase his records.

Novak has clearly expressed his thoughts and feelings, showing great esteem but at the same time an understandable detachment towards his historical opponents, who precede him by three points in the calculation of the slam titles won (20 Rafa and Roger compared to 17 in the number one in the world).

In his post-match press conference, Novak Djokovic expressed his admiration for Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer. He called them legends of the sport.

Djokovic on Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal
“I respect all my opponent’s records I think especially Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal what they have achieved over the years, they are legends of our sport and I admired them a lot.

They have positively affected my game and my growth, my development and all my success, you know, wouldn’t be what it is if these two guys were not there so I had tremendous rivalries with these two guys and we still keep on going” – Novak Djokovic stated.

Over the years, the ‘Big 3’ have pushed each other to the limits, compelling all three to deliver their best tennis. And Djokovic also accepts the fact and acknowledges the great rivalry he has had with Federer and Nadal.

“They have positively affected my game and my growth, my development and all my success, you know, wouldn’t be what it is if these two guys were not there so I had tremendous rivalries with these two guys and we still keep on going”.

After the match, former World No. 1 Mats Wilander spoke highly of the Serb and assessed his game. The 7-time Grand Slam winner stated, “Djokovic is the best returner of all time. I think he’s the most aggressive returner and he makes a lot of balls, Novak.

It is a court that he loves to play on, the surface just seems to be so perfect for him. It’s impossible to get the ball out of his strike zone on both sides”.

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Rory McIlroy reveals extraordinary truth about Tiger Woods’ trophies



Golfer Rory McIlroy has revealed an extraordinary insight into the mind of Tiger Woods after revealing the truth about where his trophies are stored.

Woods will be absent from the 85th Masters tournament this week at the Augusta National after a horrific single-vehicle crash in Los Angeles last month.

The absence of Woods is being greatly felt at the Masters as players prepare for the golf major at Augusta National.

McIlroy, a friend of Woods, visited the 15-time major winner as he recovers from hours of surgery to repair the damage, a rod inserted into his tibia with screws and pins used to stabilise the joint

But in an incredible insight into the mind of the champion, Woods surprised McIlroy when he asked about where his trophies were stored.

McIlroy couldn’t stop thinking about the trophy cabinet home to his 15 majors.

But the Northern Irishman was curious to where he stored his other 82 PGA titles and other various accolades.

“He said, ‘I don’t know.’ I go, ‘What?’ He said, ‘Yeah, my mom has some, and a few are in the office and a few are wherever,’” McIlroy told the press in an interview, ahead of the Masters.

“That was just always in my mind, he talked about these are the four weeks that matter.

“So, the weeks that didn’t matter, you know, he racked them up at a pretty fast clip. But I’m just thinking to myself, how easy must that have felt for him if all he cared about were four weeks a year.

“The other stuff must have been like practice. So that’s like a really—that’s a cool perspective to have, right. Yeah, that’s all I could think about on the way home.”

Justin Thomas reveals Woods Masters disappointment
Recently, golfer Justin Thomas also visited Woods.

Thomas revealed the 15-time major winner had become disappointed he wouldn’t be taking part in the Augusta National as it approached.

“I went over and saw him a couple times last week,” Thomas said on Tuesday.

“Try to go over a couple times during the week whenever I’m home and see him.

“We texted Friday morning, and he said it’s kind of starting to set in. He’s bummed he’s not here playing practice rounds with us, and we hate it, too.”

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