“I’m taking Stephen Curry over Kobe Bryant, all-time!”: Kendrick Perkins reasons why he would pick the 2-time GSW MVP over 6’6 Lakers legend




When asked to select one of the two guards – Stephen Curry or Kobe Bryant – Kendrick Perkins went ahead with the GSW MVP.


There is no denying that Stephen Curry is the best marksman in league history. Being the GOAT shooter, Curry has managed to revolutionize modern NBA with the way he has used the three-point arch to his favor throughout his illustrious career. The Golden State Warriors guard has had a highly accomplished career so far. Before these playoffs, Chef Curry had 8 All-Star appearances, 8 All-NBA selections, 2 scoring titles, 2 MVPs, and 3 championships.

Despite having such a decorated resume, The Baby-Faced Assassin was always attacked for not having a Finals MVP in his trophy cabinet. Taking also those criticisms personally, Steph decided to clap back at his haters by winning the All-Star MVP, inaugural WCF MVP, his fourth title, and the long-awaited Bill Russell Finals MVP… all in one season.

With Chef Curry adding several prestigious accolades to his resume this season, many analysts and basketball enthusiasts have added him to their top 10 lists. Analyst Kendrick Perkins recently revealed that he would select The Baby-Faced Assassin over Kobe Bryant on his hypothetical team, in the backcourt.

“Stephen Curry makes everyone around him better”: Kendrick Perkins

Kendrick Perkins went on a zealous rant as to why he selected Curry over the Black Mamba. Perks said:

“Let me dive into why I have Steph Curry on my Mt. Rushmore. Let me explain it to you, okay? Forget all the accolades and forget how long his resume is. We know it’s longer than the holiday weekend. Forget all that. When I speak about being a generational talent, I’m talking about a 6’2 guard that has changed the game of basketball forever, okay? Forever!

When I look at his history… When I look at the first championship that he won with Harrison Barnes at the wing position, okay you win with Harrison Barnes, no problem. All of a sudden you go 73-9, you lose to LeBron James, I get that. All of a sudden… Steph Curry is efficient when he shoots the ball, he’s great at moving without the basketball. Okay, so then who he attracts?

Kevin Durant.

Okay, then he goes along to win 2 championships with KD. And then all of a sudden he has 2 down years because Klay Thompson is hurt, he’s injured, you know they going through some rough times whatever the case maybe. And all of a sudden they acquire Andrew Wiggins, who was the number 1 pick… Steph Curry won the championship with him.

So when I look at it and I hear guys like LeBron James sitting up and saying things ‘hey man, you know what, if it’s one guy outside my son that I would love to play with, it would actually be Steph Curry. I would love to play with him’. Why? Because he makes everyone around him better.”

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