Warriors superstar and NBA legend exchange hilarious banter during golfing tournament

But sporting banter isn’t to be disregarded even in the off-season. Steph has been a regular sighting at golfing tournaments and has set quite the highlight reel in his past time too.

The Warriors Finals MVP has taken to the links to prove his longe range mastery in other sports. Golfing has always been an activity Curry has associated with, and his skill is evident with the smaller ball too.

What shots did Chuck and Steph take at each other?
Chuck finished in the top 70 at the celebrity golf tournament which prompted Steph to take the first shot. Steph mocked Chuck and said that he had as much faith in the Chuckster as Chuck himself had for the Warriors and other shot-heavy teams.

Chuck hilariously mocked Steph calling him the third-best shooter in his own family. One would hope the two referred to are Dell and Seth Curry and not Damion Lee.

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