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Andre Agassi just confirmed what we secretly already knew about Kate Middleton

The former Wimbledon champion is Global Ambassador for Lavazza

Andre Agassi has confirmed what all fans thought – and secretly already knew – about the Duchess of Cambridge. The former World No. 1 tennis champion has opened up about meeting Kate, who is a big supporter of his, at the Wimbledon semi-finals in 2012. The Duchess and Prince William were seated alongside Andre and his wife Steffi Graf in the Royal Box, and the two couples were pictured greeting and chatting to each other.



“She was a complete doll,” Andre told HELLO! at Wimbledon this week. “I really thought she was incredibly pleasant. She was lovely. We didn’t chat a whole lot but she was lovely. I will not say anything else, because I don’t know what offends people here or not!” As for Kate’s new sister-in-law, Meghan Markle, who married Prince Harry in May, he added: “Rock on! I wish them nothing but the best.”

Andre confessed that he doesn’t completely understand celebrity culture, openly confessing: “I’m not like a celebrity kind of person. My greatest fear, anxiety, when I played tennis was going to the Espas, because the Espas had all these athletes. And all these athletes expected you to know who they were, and I had no idea because I don’t watch TV.

“I don’t watch sporting events, I don’t watch royal weddings, I don’t watch TV shows, I don’t go to the movies, so it’s hard for me to put people and accomplishments and importance into context.”

The tennis champion, who was attending Wimbledon in his role as global ambassador for Lavazza, admitted that he doesn’t see himself as a celebrity, or even a former tennis player. “I used to play tennis,” he reasoned. “But I don’t see myself just as a former tennis player. I see myself as a human being who’s trying to be better. It is impossible for me to consider myself as a celebrity. I just don’t leave the house unless I’m ready to have something to offer.”

Andre returns as the global ambassador for Lavazza

The dad-of-two also admitted that he is definitely not raising his children in the same way that his father parented him – forcing him to spend his childhood and teenage years doing nothing but hit tennis balls. “I sure hope I’m doing it differently,” he said. “It was an experience I wouldn’t wish on anybody I cared about. It came with its pains, despite its intentions. I tried to take the best from it, learn a few things that were taught that were worth being taught, to hold on to, and you’re taught what not to be.”

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