‘I was No. 1 in tennis, No. 2 at home’ – Andre Agassi on marriage with Graf

Andre Agassi is always open to speaking about his relationship with his wife Steffi Graf. They have two children together and during his stay in India, the eight-time male Grand Slam winner made a funny claim speaking about who leads the way between him and Graf.




“My greatest achievement might be that being No. 1 in the world and No. 2 at home. That’s not an easy thing to do”, said Agassi. Agassi added: “This is my fifth time in India, and this is my first trip outside Mumbai.



In America, you know hard work and education you can make something of your life, it gives you hope. On the other hand here even with hard work and education, you are not sure of success, this leads to hopelessness, this hopelessness turns into despair.



Its disparity of hope that we all have to address. I am proud to be in India and in a small way trying to bridge that gap.” Agassi also spoke about how he was forced to play tennis: “I just happened to be good at the sport which I completely hated.



Unlike Vijay who started playing tennis because of passion since childhood, I, on the other hand, was forced into the game. Being the youngest son, my siblings weren’t doing well in the game so I didn’t have a choice.



I was disconnected with it and hated it, but went on to top it. It was not a choice. My father saw this as the fastest road to living the American dream… If you are playing professional sports, you don’t know what to do with the rest of your life after you stop playing.



My life while playing was about building my philanthropy venture in education and scale that across geography and putting a business model to make it happen by using technology.”

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