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TENNIS WORLD: ‘You Know I’m Way More Than an Athlete Right?’- Naomi Osaka Sizzles in New ….

Former world no.1 and four-time Grand Slam champion Naomi Osaka has been an inspiration for the people around the world; Particularly the aspiring tennis stars and youngsters who wants to succeed in their respective profession. Over the years, Osaka has shown how to be independent and stand up for one’s own rights. While always remaining confident of her abilities.



While her tennis prowess is already evident to scores of fans across the globe, she has also been an active contributor in the fashion world. Right from designing sneakers to coming up with a unique dress to wear at the Met Gala, Osaka has been a pioneer for young athletes willing to explore other sectors outside the sport.

Adding a new feather in her heavily feathered cap. The four-time major champion is all set to appear as a character on Fortnite. As part of their icon series, Osaka’s character is released by the team moments ago.

The Japanese player was given a voice-over as she introduces her character.

“Wait, are you telling my story without me? You know I’m way more than an athlete right? I’m Japanese and Haitian. But Queens is where I came up. That’s where I picked up tennis. I’m a massive sneakerhead.”

Osaka went on to explain several significant moments of her career and considers herself to be an original in every aspect.

“Whether it’s celebrating every skin tone or lighting the torch in my hometown, I’m an original. My story is one-of-one. And I’m not even close to done.”

Osaka is expanding her brand name in every field possible
The final line in the teaser displays her confidence in the world as she intends to scale new heights in tennis, as well as in the fashion world. Osaka’s arrival is confirmed by Epic Games as they announced that she is all set to appear on the Icon series from the 4th of March.

Before that, the Naomi Osaka cup will also take place on March 2nd as costumes and decorative picks will be available to best-performing users from each region. Previously, the Japanese tennis star also appeared in a commercial on the Resident Evil village.

In every sense, it’s a great move from Naomi Osaka to stamp her authority on various sectors as she is slowly becoming an icon of all sorts. Coming to tennis, the four-time major champion is all set to appear in the Indian Wells Masters with the help of a wild card from the tournament organizers.

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