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Andy Murray’s Wife Kim Sears Gives Birth To Couple’s Fourth Child, Fans React

Two-time Wimbledon champion Andy Murray withdrew from the Dubai Tennis Championships after his wife Kim Sears gave birth to the couple’s fourth child. Previously, the Murrays had two daughters and a son. Their eldest daughter is Sophia, who is five years old while Edie, who is three, and another son Teddy, who is two.

Kim Sears gives birth to a fourth child
As per reports, Kim Sears has given birth to a fourth child after a secret lockdown pregnancy. As a result, Andy Murray has taken paternity leave and will not be competing in next week’s ATP Tour event in Dubai. However, the couple has still not revealed whether they have a son or a daughter as they choose to stay private about their family life. Not only did the Murrays not reveal about their latest child, but they also kept a low profile for Sears’ previous pregnancies.

Andy Murray child
After pulling out of the Dubai Open this year, Andy Murray has again proved that he is a family man. Last year, Murray had given rare insights into his family life and his children when he did an interview with The Times. “At the time coronavirus started I was rehabbing, and I was actually fine missing tennis because everybody else was missing it as well. I just got to spend lots of time with my family at home.”

Murray also discussed the different personalities of his children and how his son is active just like him. “It can be difficult because the eldest are always wanting — and getting — your attention, whereas the youngest one is left fighting for it a little bit more. But he’s a lot more interested in the active stuff, so far. He’s always moving around, and gets motivated by balls all around him. He just wants to throw and chase balls the whole time, whereas the two girls were a little bit more mellow [at his age] — so it’s quite different,” added Murray.

Andy Murray joked that things could get out of control
Prior to getting his fourth child, Andy Murray had joked that things could get out of control if he did not return to the tour. “I’ve got two young kids and a third one coming. I’ll have three kids under four years old. When I’ve been off the tour the last few years my family has got bigger. I need to get on the road so we’re done before it gets out of control!” If one is to go by Murray’s earlier statements, perhaps things have gotten out of control!

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Twitter goes viral after they receive news of Andy and Kim’s fourth child
Although Andy and Kim

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