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Lovely: Prince Harry posed holding the super bowl won by Meghan Markle’s home team…

Prince Harry sent fans wild with his new photo showing him holding the Super Bowl trophy after Meghan Markle ‘s home team the Los Angeles Rams won the tournament.



The Duke of Sussex was pictured when he visited the victorious Los Angeles Rams – his new hometown team – in the locker room to congratulate over their big win. The winning team shared the pictures to twitter.

Harry’s fans were over the moon to see their favourite royal with trophy, with many saying how Americans love the “good prince”.

One person, known on Twitter as SussexSpartanMegHive, commented: “This is an amazing moment for LA! Their homegirl has brought home real royalty to their city….Nice pictures.

“Harry looks LA cool.” Another user, Vee, tweeted: “This tweet makes my heart sing. I love how much Americans love the good prince.”

With Noble writing: “You have got the true royalty. That man is a gem!”

Twitter user, DaTrinigyl2, wrote: “Congratulations on your win Rams good game. “Love to see #PrinceHarry living his best life here in America and being embraced in his new hometown, what a wonderful welcome.” Bentpink wrote: “Yes Sir. The only royal we love.”

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are leaving no stone unturned to boost their popularity ratings in the US as the royal couple sees America as their new market after quitting the royal duties.

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