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Queen Elizabeth forced Prince Andrew into settlement before Jubilee celebrations?

Royal biographer and expert Angela Levin presented this possibility upon reading Prince Andrew’s statement.



She started off by telling GB News, “I think it sounds remarkably humble, which is not something that we expect from Prince Andrew. Why that is, I’m not sure but I wonder if the Queen now she’s well gave him a [expletive].” (sic)

“And said you’re not going to spoil my Platinum Jubilee, I’m the only person who’s ever reached this and you’ve just got to sort it out.”

“I don’t want salacious things happening when I’m trying to enjoy myself during the Jubilee she’s the only one I think should really give him a telling off, she’s very matronly with him.”

Before concluding she added, “Perhaps he decided that but it is a great relief, I think, because it would have rambled on and that would have taken the headlines all the time. And goodness knows what could have come up at the other end.”

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