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HE’LL PAUL YOU UP ‘Jake Paul NEEDS Tommy Fury’ – Tyson Fury slams YouTuber’s ‘pathetic’ PPV numbers saying his brother would propel career

The Gypsy King hit back after unbeaten YouTuber Paul taunted Tommy for pulling out of a fight through illness.

Jake Paul has been told fighting Tommy Fury is the best way to maintain the hype
Tommy Fury has jetted off to Dubai while Jake Paul taunts him
Britain’s world heavyweight king reckons the American’s only hope of getting fans back is fighting his half-brother.

Fury, 33, told The Unibet Lowdown: “It’s quite clear to see now that Jake Paul needs Tommy Fury.

“Because Jake Paul did 60,000 buys against his last opponent, which is pathetic.
“If he’d have fought Tommy, it would’ve been in the millions. So we sort of know who needs who these days.

“If they fight, they fight. If they don’t… I know it’s not through Tommy. Tommy wants the fight, wants to get it back on.”

Light-heavyweight Fury, 22, has won all his seven bouts.

But he withdrew from a long-awaited clash with Paul due to injury and illness while training.
Paul told SunSport: “Tommy Fury pulling out of the fight with his illness is more embarrassing than him fighting and getting knocked out.

“It’s bad either way for him but this way this way for him will be a massive regret for the rest of his entire life.
“He definitely seems very down though, he is complaining on Instagram about fans attacking him, claiming he didn’t fake an injury.

“He is clearly going through it.”
But the Gypsy King denied Tommy has been rattled.

He said: “I don’t know what he’s got to come through, getting an injury in the training camp. There’s not much to come through there.
“You can’t make everyone happy. There’s always going to be someone unhappy.

“So the mistake people make is trying to make everyone happy. You can’t.”

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