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Hulk Hogan Attacked – Hulk Hogan Ranks Himself As A “Top Three Wrestler”

Hulk Hogan has claimed he’s a “top three” wrestler.

Video surfaced on social media of the WWE legend putting Ric Flair over as the “number one wrestler” in the world. Then, in a moment that might’ve left some in attendance stunned, Hulk erm…modestly said that he’s “number two”.

Eventually, he revealed that Steve Austin would be “the third best wrestler” on his list out of the trio. Some fans will disagree with that, to put it mildly – there’s no arguing that Hogan was a box office machine in his prime, but he was never considered a great in-ring worker.

Meanwhile, both Austin and Flair (especially before ‘Stone Cold’ injured his neck in 1997) could be ranked as two of the greatest workers around. They were capable of carrying pretty much anybody to a good match.

Hulk was clearly just hyping up the crowd at a live appearance on the night, but some on Twitter are already picking apart his claims. A few even suggested that Flair would be one, Austin would be two and Hogan wouldn’t even be on the list at all.


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