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MONEY CLUB – Israel Adesanya signs ‘one of the most lucrative deals in UFC history’ – Conor McGregor reacts and…….

The middleweight champion defends his title against Robert Whittaker this evening at UFC 271 and left penning his new deal until the last minute, an unusual practice on both sides.

Dana White made Israel Adesanya one of the best paid men in UFC
Now the UFC middleweight champion is going to join an elite group of names who make exceptional money with the company, something that has been scrutinised a lot over the past year.

“Look, I love the UFC,” Adesanya said during UFC 271 media day. “I’ve looked at this company and wanted to be in this company for so long. I love that we’ve gotten to this agreement finally.

“Side note, I just signed for this actual bout this week. [I won’t] let you know how deep it went but I’m glad we came to this agreement. I’m glad we have a good working relationship.

“Like I said, with everything happening right now, this will trickle down to the rest of the fighters and it’s only going to be great for the company. Just give it time.”

DATES UFC schedule 2022: Every upcoming fight including Adesanya vs Whittaker at UFC 271
It’s interesting that Adensaya believes deals like his will trickle down and cause other fighters to earn greater money in the future.

Conor McGregor is the best example of that notion; his box office superstardom has generated more money for UFC and thus, the fighters, than anyone else.

The Irishman is delighted to see Adesanya remain with the UFC and return to the octagon this weekend.

“Can’t wait to see Izzy Style back in the Octagon this weekend! One of the true remaining high level fighter/performer athletes we have on the roster!

Conor McGregor is a fan of Israel Adesanya
“Don’t just fight! Perform! @stylebender back in the Octagon this week! Only on PPV! @ufc @espn #AndStill”

The difference in UFC pay mainly depends on the fighter in question.

For instance, McGregor made $5million (£3.7m) against Dustin Poirier regardless what happened at UFC 264, but because of the pay-per-view incentives in his deal, he made an extra $18m (£13.3m).
Not every fighter gets that. Francis Ngannou, the heavyweight champion, made just $600k from UFC 271. Quite the disparity.

Another key difference is the fact McGregor’s third fight with Poirier drew 1.6 million pay-per-view buys and that’s the eighth fight McGregor to have sold more than one million.

Forbes has ranked McGregor as the highest-paid sportsman in the past
The UFC only has eleven PPVs over the one million mark without McGregor and no one that has headlined more than two. Adesanya’s last outing in the octagon drew in 600,000 buys,

The Nigerian-born-Kiwi’s highest drawing event was UFC 259 where he tried to claim the light-heavyweight title from Jan Blachowicz where 800,000 people tuned in.

Outside of McGregor, that’s the most-bought event of 2021 for the UFC.

The same goes for 2020 where Adesanya fought Paolo Costa and 700,000 people bought the PPV, the only fights that did better were McGregor vs Donald Cerrone and Kamaru Usman vs Jorge Masvidal.
So you can see where Adesanya ranks in modern day UFC star power.

Adesanya is happy to have re-signed with UFC and while he’s not bothered that they announced a fight before he re-signed, he is bothered with the way they announced the fight.

The numbers prove Adesanya is one of UFC’s top stars
“I just didn’t like the way [it was announced],” Adesanya said. “When I asked the next day, I was like ‘did you guys see the announcement?’ and they’re like ‘what announcement?’ No one saw the announcement.

“I’m like bro, this is not how you announce a fight of this magnitude and that’s because we’re doing some dealings in the back at the moment so I just felt like the people doing that bit in the UFC dropped the ball.”

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