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Exhibition – Floyd Mayweather gets shameful lawsuit for not paying Logan Paul

emeber the exhibition boxing fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Logan Paul from all the back in June, 2021? Well, it turns out Floyd made the unilateral decision to avoid paying Paul his share of the 1 million Pay Per View buys that was his as part of the agreement. Logan Paul has been trying to get Floyd Mayweather to pay him ever since that fight took place, he’s been sending messages through his many podcasts and even through mutual friends. But until today, there has been nothing but radio silence from ‘Money’ Mayweather and his team. Logan’s brother Jake was also making the rounds in many different platforms exposing Floyd for literally robbing the oldest of the Paul brothers.

Even if Floyd Mayweather offers any type of excuse related to the altercation he had with Jake Paul during one of the press tours. Those who don’t remember, there was a moment as they both faced each other when Jake took Mayweather’s hat and got him quite upset to the point where he threatened to kill the youngest of the Paul brothers. But this reaction from Floyd only makes the world think it’s his small revenge for the way in which they embarrassed him back then. During the fight with Logan Paul, there was no bad blood between the two fighters and Floyd even complimented the kid for his skill despite not being considered a professional boxer.

Floyd Mayweather is yet to respond to the lawsuit.
According to brother Jake Paul, Floyd Mayweather owes Logan between 5 and 10 million dollars for those pay per view buys. He revealed during the Flagrant 2 podcast that Logan’s team has been trying to make contact but the lack of response is forcing his hand to proceed legally. In a recnt ‘Impaulsive’ episode with Antonio Brown, Logan Paul even asked the NFL player to directly talk to Floyd about the money he is owed. If this escalates any further, nobody knows the way in which Mayweather’s entourage can react. He constantly deals with very dangerous people and this confrontation can only make matters even worse.

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