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Which one of the pair who defeated the most world champions during their tenure is a question asked worldwide.

Mayweather began his career after an Olympic bronze medal in October of 1996. Pacquiao had already been a pro for 21 months after entering the paid ranks as a teenager in 1995.

Enjoying tremendous careers, Mayweather retired in 2015, with Pacquiao bowing out in 2021.

The same year we saw the last of the ‘Pacman,’ an opportunity arose to defeat another world champion. Firstly, it was Errol Spence who Yordenis Ugas eventually replaced.

Victory over either would have brought Pacquiao level with Mayweather.
In 2020, Mayweather’s predicted that Pacquiao would overtake his mark after witnessing a win over Keith Thurman in 2019.

As it happened, Pacquiao lost to Ugas and stepped away, leaving Mayweather with the honor of 23 world champions beaten.

Arguments over rematch triumphs over familiar opponents have come to the table on many forums. But even then, Mayweather tops Pacquiao on 25.

Pacquiao has 21 victories over world champions. 24 if you count his second and third battles with foes.

WBN initially thought Pacquiao was above Mayweather in an article written a few years back. We soon had to apologize as you should never second-guess the “Money” man.

Mayweather counted two victories that flew under our radar if you go through both records with a fine-tooth comb.

His victory over Gregorio Vargas, the WBC champion for a brief spell of eight months in 1993, was rarely mentioned. As with Tony Pep, who was IBO champion two years before facing Mayweather in 1998.

Pacquiao needed one more win to level up the score.

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