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Prince Harry Shares a Glimpse of What Dad Life Is Like with Archie and Lili

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry moved their family to California in 2020 — and in a new appearance, he shared a glimpse at their busy mornings.



Prince Harry shared a peek into his mornings with son Archie Harrison and daughter Lilibet Diana.



Harry, 37, joined Serena Williams, who is a longtime friend of Meghan Markle and attended the couple’s royal wedding in May 2018, for BetterUp’s Inner Work Day on Thursday. During the virtual event, Queen Elizabeth’s grandson highlighted the importance of carving out time each day to focus on yourself.


“The self-care is the first thing that drops away. I’m happy to admit that — as a husband, as a dad.”

Harry said that he established a 30- to 45-minute window each morning to do something for himself, noting that 2-year-old Archie is already attending school while Lili, born in June, has a morning nap time.

“Okay, one of the kids has gone to school. The other one’s taking a nap. There’s a break in our program,” he said. “It’s like, right, it’s either for workout, take the dog for a walk, get out in nature, maybe meditate.”

In a closing statement, Prince Harry again made a quick reference to his parenthood.

He said of focusing on mental well-being: “It’s work, but out of all the work that we do and all the work that we get pulled towards, it is the most fulfilling work — apart from being a dad.”

Prince Harry said over the summer that “two is definitely a juggle” while chatting with pal and fellow parent Ed Sheeran.

Speaking to another guest at the private garden party, Prince Harry revealed that Lili was “very chilled.”

“We’ve been lucky so far,” he said. “She’s very chilled and seems happy to just sit there while Archie is running around like crazy.”

A friend of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex recently told PEOPLE that the family of four is “loving life in California.”

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