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Lewis Hamilton Once Gave a Glimpse of Ex-Girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger’s Driving Skills – “And I Get Frustrated Because…”

F1 legend Lewis Hamilton and American pop star Nicole Scherzinger dated for a long period before parting ways in 2015. The star couple invited a lot of limelight through the course of their relationship and were seen in various events and talk shows together. In 2011, the two appeared in the celebrity talk show hosted by English broadcaster Jonathan Ross. In a throwback clip, fans could see Hamilton sharing his ex-girlfriend’s driving skills.

The Briton remains to be one of the most sought-after sporting personalities in the world. He stands at the zenith of all the Formula 1 records, including most wins, and joint-most championships.

As for Scherzinger, fans were quite excited about the famous Pussygirl Dolls reunion tour, which got canceled because of COVID in January this year. Scherzinger is currently dating Scottish rugby star, Thom Evans. Meanwhile, Hamilton has since remained single despite rumors of him having dated numerous celebrities including Danielle Lloyd and Rihanna.

During his interaction, Jonathan Ross asked Lewis who drives when the two of them are together. Without a doubt, Hamilton is arguably the best racing driver this generation has seen. So whenever he is present in an interview with someone, these questions most certainly come up.

After taking a pause, Hamilton answered, “I mostly drive, like 99 percent of the time.” To this, Ross asked a follow-up question, “why is that?”. The Briton chuckled a little before replying to this. “I don’t know. I think she loves it when I drive. There was a time recently when we were driving around LA and she was giving me directions to the restaurant. And I get frustrated because she tells me to turn when I pass the turn. So I stopped, and I let her drive. It wasn’t great.”

Now, after a decade later, Hamilton finds himself at the crossroads of his driving career. He has made no public appearance since the Abu Dhabi GP. Fans are waiting for an update on the Mercedes man’s future. With nearly a month left before the 2022 F1 season, excitement is building up amongst the F1 fans. Tell us your predictions on Hamilton’s future in the sport in the comment section below.

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