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Hamilton accused of trying to force race director Masi’s dismissal

Bleekemolen has claimed that Lewis Hamilton has piled pressure on the FIA in his alleged bid to get race director Michael Masi sacked after what happened in the last race of the 2021 season in the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.



Masi controversially allowed the lapped cars to overtake race leader Lewis Hamilton after the safety car was introduced towards the end of the race. Max Verstappen managed to jump into second and then overtook his Mercedes counterpart to win the race and the Formula 1 title for the first in his career.

“Hamilton is trying to increase the pressure on the FIA motorsport federation and is powerful,” said Bleekemolen.

“I think he wants to get some people out of there, like race director Michael Masi.

“Lewis wants to turn it upside down. He can do that. He has a lot of influence as the greatest of all. Some people will disappear.

“His opinion is noticed and everyone is talking about it – that puts pressure on the FIA.

“They have to intervene and make changes. The FIA has to come up with a good story, otherwise Hamilton’s first words will not be what the F1 leadership would like to hear.”

Meanwhile, Red Bull’s sporting director Jonathan Wheatley defended Masi and stressed that he can be as successful in his job as his predecessor Charlie Whiting in event he is provided with the right support.

“Charlie was your ultimate poacher-turned-gamekeeper,” Wheatley told The Jack Threlfall Show Podcast.

“He had the respect, he was consistent in his decision-making, consistent in the way he dealt with people across the board.

“He knew when to tell you to shut up and when you needed an arm around you.

“He was an extraordinary man in that respect and I think the FIA were slow to realise just what a big pair of shoes that would be to fill and I think Michael, with the right support, is more than capable of doing that.

“On a personal level he is entirely a really, really nice guy with no edge to him at all. And he listens and tries to do the very best that he can.”

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