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17 terrible performances by great actors, from Leonardo DiCaprio to Tom Hanks



Even the best of us sometimes make mistakes – they just don’t end up being watched by millions of people worldwide.

For actors, however, life is a never-ending series of criticisms. A bad movie performance can live on in infamy just as long as a great one, and no actor is immune.

Whether it’s veteran legends like Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro, or stars at the peak of their powers like Leonardo DiCaprio or Tom Hardy, even the very best actors have proved themselves capable of truly terrible turns.

Sometimes these performances are met with nothing but disdain, mockery, and Razzie nominations – other times, they manage to slip mercifully under the radar.


To be clear, the actors aren’t always the ones at fault; many of the performances on this list came in generally dreadful films, with performers let down by shoddy scripts or filmmaking.

Hanks actually plays six different roles in the Wachowski sisters’ ambitious era-spanning epic, and he’s by no means bad in all of them. But his performance as gangster-turned-novelist Dermot “Duster” Hoggins could well be the worst of Hanks’s entire career. Laughably broad, and with an accent that’s ostensibly Irish but comes across as bad cockney, “Duster” is a creation best left in the dustbin.


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Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler Spotted on …



The two stars were photographed on the set of the Netflix film in Oahu, Hawaii on Monday.



Aniston, 52, wore a green top and flower-patterned skirt while Sandler, 55, wore a blue button-down shirt and blue pants.

Sandler and Aniston are returning to their characters Nick and Audrey Spitz, respectively, after the first film debuted on Netflix in 2019.

Murder Mystery follows, Nick, a New York cop, and Audrey, his wife, as they go on a European vacation to reinvigorate their marriage when a chance encounter leads to them both being framed for the murder of an elderly billionaire.

In September, TV Line reported the sequel would be “another international adventure full of intrigue and hijinks.”


Scott Yamano/Netflix Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler in Murder Mystery

In June 2019, Netflix said the first movie had been viewed by over 30 million accounts in three days.

At the time, the streamer said the movie’s debut was “the biggest opening weekend ever for a Netflix film.”

Murder Mystery is the second movie Aniston and Sandler have made together, following the 2011 romantic comedy Just Go With It. With the sequel, the two friends are making their third movie together.


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Prince Charles ‘desperate’ to spend quality time with Lilibet, Archie




Prince Charles has offered an olive branch to his son Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle to stay with him during their possible visit to UK as the future king is ‘desperate’ to meet his grandchildren Archie and Lilibet.



According to the Express UK, the Prince of Wales is ‘desperate’ to meet Archie and Lilibet and he has made it clear to Prince Harry about his wish to spend quality time with the grandchildren.

The report, citing a source, claimed that Prince Charles and Harry had several video calls over the last few months.

Prince Charles has invited Harry and his family to stay with him during their visit to UK amid security concerns.

The Queen’s eldest son, who is also heir to the throne, extended an olive branch to Prince Harry and his family as the Duke of Sussex plans to seek judicial review regarding security in Britain, the Mirror citing royal sources reported on Tuesday.


Prince Harry is scared to return to Britain with Meghan and their kids, the Duke’s legal representatives have claimed.

Queen’s grandson has filed for a judicial review against the Home Office decision.

Harry and wife Meghan lost their UK taxpayer-paid protection when they quit frontline royal duties in 2020 and moved to the United States.

Now living in California, they have their own private security team. Legal papers showed Harry arguing that the US team would not have adequate powers to protect his family in the UK.


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I tried working out like Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle for two weeks, and found Markle has the better routine




Both Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle seem to be in killer shape.



Though they both stay active, they each have different approaches to their fitness routines. Middleton is reportedly a fan of biking and running and Markle prefers pilates classes and workout DVDs.

I’m always looking for ways to spice up my personal workout routine, so I decided to spend one week training like Middleton, then a week training like Markle.

I couldn’t find a clearly defined workout plan for either of them, so I devised my own adapted version of Middleton and Markle’s gym routines based on the type of exercises each of them seem to favor.

Keep scrolling to read what it was like working out like Middleton and Markle for a week each, plus which routine I preferred.

According to a 2016 report from the Daily Mail, Middleton enjoys yoga to “calm her mind and stretch her body” so I figured a 15-minute routine would be a great way to kick off this week.

I found a yoga video on YouTube that consisted of moves such as a downward-facing dog, standing forward bend, and reverse warrior.

Although my body felt stretched, it was hard to consider that quick routine a real workout.

The Daily Mail also reported that Middleton loves cycling as a form of cardio.

Since I didn’t feel like this morning’s yoga routine was much of a workout, I ended the day with a long bike ride.

I enjoy going on a leisurely bike ride every once in a while, but I usually don’t treat it as my main form of exercise for the day. By the end of my 1.5-mile bike ride, though, I was out of breath and my legs felt like jelly.

I underestimated how tough this bike ride would be.

Day two: I worked on my abs and did bodyweight exercises.

I woke up with sore legs this morning, which made me believe riding that bike was a tougher workout than I’d thought.

I decided I would focus on my abs today since, according to a Harper’s Bazaar from 2019, Middleton is a fan of doing ab exercises on a stability ball. Luckily, I had one that I’d purchased years ago.

I wanted to choose exercises that targeted each part of my core so I did regular crunches, oblique crunches, and I attempted knee-tuck crunches on the stability ball, which were a bit of a fail.

I was quickly reminded of why I usually avoid using a stability ball: Any ab exercise performed on it is very challenging.

I did my best to get through three sets of 20 for each exercise and my abs were burning by the time I was done with my third set.

But day two wasn’t over yet — I did some bodyweight exercises next.

A royal insider told the Daily Mail in 2016 that Middleton often does bodyweight exercises, so I knew I had to follow suit.

Once I was done with the ab exercises, I did a sequence of bodyweight exercises such as push-ups, jump squats, shoulder taps, and crab walks.

I challenged myself to do each exercise for 30 seconds so I could really get my heart rate up and feel the burn. I was panting after just the first round.

By the end, I was drenched in sweat and looking forward to a cool shower.

Day three: A Middleton-inspired run allowed me to enjoy the outdoors.

According to Harper’s Bazaar, Middleton is an avid runner, so I laced up my running sneakers today and challenged myself to run for 25 minutes.


I didn’t want to put pressure on myself to run a certain distance, so running for a specified time seemed like a better idea.

Since I’m not typically a fan of running, I sought outside assistance and downloaded a running app that talked me through the run to keep me motivated.

Between the app and my cardio playlist, I found a good pace and actually enjoyed this cardio session.

I was also happy with my choice to head out early in the morning because it made for a peaceful and quiet jog before the rest of my neighborhood woke up.

Although I was originally dreading this particular Middleton-inspired exercise, I ended up really enjoying this time outside when I was just blasting some music and clearing my mind.

After my jog, I did a few more exercises to wrap up my routine.

Once I got back from my jog, I went right into doing some lower-body exercises.

The Daily Mail has reported that the Duchess of Cambridge favors squats and calf raises for lean legs, so I did bodyweight squats and calf raises while holding a dumbbell for an added push.

By the second set of these exercises, I was ready to throw in the towel. I pushed through a few more reps and then had to lay down to let my heart rate come down because this day’s workout was a tough one.

Day four: I did another yoga routine to stretch my sore body and added some planks in at the end.

Today, my body was the sorest it’s been all week so I opted for another yoga routine to help stretch my tired muscles.

This routine was similar to the other yoga one I did a few days ago, with moves consisting of a downward-facing dog and a few warrior poses.

I appreciated today’s yoga practice more than I did the other one because aside from it feeling good to relax my body, I also used this time to quiet my mind and de-stress the same way Middleton reportedly uses yoga to relax.

To cap off day four, I did a plank.

According to the Daily Mail, one of Middleton’s go-to exercises is the plank and the Duchess of Cambridge often incorporates the traditional front plank and side plank into her workout routine.

So, after my yoga routine, I attempted Middleton’s reported variation of planks — holding each plank for 45 seconds or more and repeating the sequences at least 10 times each.

Since this was supposed to be a light workout day for me, I decided to hold each plank for 45 seconds and repeat the sequence twice.

Like Middleton reportedly is, I’m also a fan of planks because I love the feeling of all my muscles working together with this one exercise.

But as much as I love a good plank, I don’t know how Middleton can supposedly hold that many planks back-to-back 10 times each. Holding each plank for a total of 90 seconds was enough for me to feel the burn.

Although it wasn’t a strenuous workout day, my abs felt really strong.


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