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Golf World Reacts to Tiger Woods’ Latest Twitter Post



Every year, the Tiger Woods Invitational commences with various events planned over a few days. A perfect blend of golf and entertainment, the tournament has come a long way since its inception. Naturally, Tiger Woods’ presence is a major highlight for all those in attendance.

Unfortunately, Woods was unable to be there this year. Sidelined with his accident since February, the 15-time major winner has made few to no public appearances. Regardless, fans follow the event in numbers, supporting the Tiger Woods Foundation and their constant efforts to make the world a better place.

However, Woods did not fail to congratulate the winners despite his absence.

Twitter reacts as the Tiger Woods Invitational comes to an end
“Congrats to the winners of the 10th #TWInvitational,” the 45-year-old wrote. He tagged United States Liability Insurance (USLI), thanking the company for helping this year’s event and supporting his foundation.

Of course, Woods could not go without thanking PGA Tour icons Max Homa and Bryson DeChambeau, who attended the event. Both stars were seen having fun, also speaking to everyone at the end of Day 1. While Woods was not physically present, fans seemed to be happy to see DeChambeau and Homa at the event.

Congrats to the winners of the 10th #TWInvitational. Thank you to @USLI150 and our guests who helped support this year’s event benefitting @tgrfound, along with @b_dechambeau, @maxhoma23, and @ESPNAshley for making it so special.

— Tiger Woods (@TigerWoods) October 13, 2021

Like usual, fans were happy to see Woods interacting, appreciating him for the event organized every single year. “Congratulations to you Tiger for your continuous noble acts of kindness,” wrote one fan, thanking him for making golf an inclusive sport. “Golf thanks YOU, Mr. Woods!” wrote another, thanking him for his humility off the court.

Congrats to them. You are the true winner. We all still believe In you. We are not done watching tiger highlights. We still hope for records broken. Against all obstacles the tiger will prevail. You mess with the tiger you get the whiskers lol. Go tiger!

— Steven D (@stevend143) October 14, 2021

Congratulations to you Tiger for your continuous noble acts of kindness. It’s because of you that golf is an inclusive sport for everyone including yours truly. I am glad that everyone are afforded the greatest opportunity to indulge in this great sport. Thanks to everyone 👏🏽

— Judy Newton (@JudyNewton2021) October 14, 2021

Hope see you stay in PGA at 2022!

— thomas woo (@Thomaswu2020) October 15, 2021

hope you are recovering well

— SteezeMcQueen 🚔👌 (@SteezeMcQueen1) October 13, 2021

Another interesting point was people mistaking a man in the photo for Woods. Fans seemed to make fun of this misunderstanding, explaining that the 82-time PGA Tour winner is still back home in recovery mode.

That’s not him 😀

— TWLEGION (@TWlegion) October 14, 2021

None of those guys are @TigerWoods. If you were a real fan, you’d know this🙄

— Judy Holmes (@golfisart) October 14, 2021


— Robert Cameron (@RobbieCamCam) October 15, 2021

Is that Tiger?

— Robert Schnure (@Schnure50) October 13, 2021

That’s not Tiger dude!

— David Schneider (@dwschneider1) October 14, 2021

A little about Woods’ Invitational tournament
The invitational, which has been around for a decade, is described as ‘three days of competitive golf, incredible networking, amazing entertainment, and once-in-a-lifetime memories who work to help the youth via various programs.’ “It’s just amazing for us to have a company like USLI support us and what we’re trying to do for the next generation of kids,” Woods said in a video shared a few days ago.

USLI helps the event fundraise to a greater level, which assists the Tiger Woods Foundation in helping more people.


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Tiger Woods Reveals ONE FACTOR That Is Holding Him Back From Returning to Professional Golf



Tiger Woods has finally made his first-ever public appearance since the horrifying solo car crash in February. Moreover, he had a damaged ankle with open fractures breaking his fibula and tibia in the right leg. However, he seems to have made an excellent recovery, as he recently posted a video of himself practicing at the range.

Hence, since then, fans have been anticipating some news from his end. And finally, it has happened at the Hero World Challenge in the Bahamas. He faced the media on Tuesday morning as the host of the event and tried to provide clarity on his journey going ahead as a golfer. So let us have a look at his first-ever press conference and public appearance since February 2021.

Tiger Woods reveals one condition which will force him to resume normal golf
Tiger Woods gave a press conference earlier this morning and answered every question that was directed at him without any fear. Meanwhile, a journalist asked him about his comeback to the tour and when will he resume regular golf. However, Tiger said he still doesn’t know the exact timeline for his return to normal golf.

He said he sat with his family and discussed whether he should be playing out on the Tour, once again. Moreover, all the members agreed, but Woods believes he hasn’t internally reached there. “You know, all of us sat down and said, you know if you all cooperate and I get to a point where I can play the tour,” said Woods.

“Is it okay with you guys if I try to do it? And the consensus was yes. Now internally, I haven’t reached that point. I haven’t proven to myself that I can do it. Yeah, I can show up here, and I can host an event. I can play a par three course.”

However, he said when it comes to competing against the best players in the world on demanding courses, it requires something more, which he hasn’t found yet. “Now I have a long way to go to get to that point. Now I haven’t decided whether I want to get to that point. I gotta get my leg to a point where that decision can be made. And we’ll see what happens when I get to that point, but I got a long way to go.”

Hence, when he gets to a point where he thinks he can compete once again against the best in the world, he will make a comeback and start competing.


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Tiger Woods ‘Supports’ the PGA Tour in Ongoing Saga With Breakaway Leagues



It is no secret that the new rival leagues are a major threat to the PGA tour. Recently, players like Phil Mickelson, Dustin Johnson, Bryson DeChambeau have committed to Greg Norman’s event on the Asian Tour. Hence, fans believe this is just a start to something much bigger, and the Tour needs to act fast to contain this. Now, Tiger Woods, who has competed on the PGA Tour all his life, commented on these leagues.

Tiger recently gave his first-ever press conference since his solo car crash in February. Answering every question calmly and diligently, Woods discussed a lot of things about his journey so far and also his future as a golfer. Moreover, he also commented on this entire rival league saga and shared his opinions about the same.

Tiger Woods supports PGA Tour!
During his recent press conference, a reporter asked Tiger Woods about his views on the rival leagues that Greg Norman is working on. Moreover, the reporter asked Tiger, what would he advise a player who approached him in doubt. Notably, without an iota of doubt, Tiger said, it’s going to be the player’s decision. But for him, he is supporting PGA Tour.

“I’m supporting the PGA Tour. That’s where my legacy is. I’ve been fortunate enough to have 82 wins on this tour and 15 major championships, and then a part of the World Golf Championships. So I have an allegiance to the PGA tour, and I understand that some of the comparisons are is very similar to when Arnold and Jack broke off from the PGA of America to start the tour. I don’t see it that way,” said Tiger.

Tiger appreciates PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan, who he believes has done a fantastic job, especially during the pandemic. He said, “Jay, the staff have done an incredible job. And so I think the tour is in great hands. They’re doing fantastic, and prize money is going up. It’s just not guaranteed money like most sports are. Just like tennis, you gotta go out there and earn it.”

Clearly, Tiger Woods believes that PGA Tour has done an excellent job, and hence, he will continue to support this tour, no matter what. What are your thoughts on Tiger’s comments?


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Is Tiger’s wood change in preparation for future golfing path!



Tiger Woods made a subtle equipment change this week at Sherwood Country Club before starting his defense of the Zozo Championship, and the swap probably was made with an eye toward the Masters.

Woods had been playing a TaylorMade M5 3-wood since early 2019, but this week that club was replaced with a TaylorMade SIM 3-wood. The club’s stated loft is 15 degrees, and it is fitted with a 70-gram Mitsubishi Diamana D+ TX shaft. However, the actual loft is 14 degrees. The club has a finished length of 42.5 inches with a swing weight of D4. Tiger’s old 3-wood had 15 degrees of loft and was fitted with the same shaft.

While many pros will pull a 5-wood out of the bag and go with a 2-iron or a driving iron when they play on firm courses or in windy conditions, 3-wood changes are rare. Three-woods are notoriously hard for pros to swap out because the clubs pull double duty, hitting the ball to a precise distance from both the the tee and off the fairway. When elite players find a 3-wood that does the job well, they tend to stick with it.

Woods’ decision to change into a TaylorMade SIM 3-wood, a club released in January, probably has more to do with getting used to the club in competition before the Masters than needing it at Sherwood Country Club this week.

The Masters starts Nov. 12, and the weather is expected to be colder at Augusta National than is typical for April. According to Titleist, a golf ball will fly 1.5 percent less far on a 50-degree day than it will when the air temperature is 70 degrees because the atmosphere is thicker. It also will fly higher.

According to Joe LaCava, Tiger Woods’ caddie, Woods hits his TaylorMade M5 3-wood about 265 yards in the air. A 1.5 percent decrease in carry distance would drop that to 261, but that assumes Woods maintains the same speed in his swing. In colder weather, most golfers have trouble staying loose and swing slower.

TaylorMade SIM fairway woods
Weight savings from the carbon-fiber crown and titanium face allowed TaylorMade to add an 80-gram sole plate to the SIM fairway woods. (TaylorMade)

The TaylorMade SIM fairway woods have titanium faces, like a driver, so they are lighter and flex more efficiently for increased ball speed. They also have a heavy soleplate that lowers the center of gravity and creates a higher launch angle. Combine all that with a loft that is 1-degree stronger, and in colder weather,Tiger may not lose any distance with his new 3-wood at Augusta National in November.


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