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4 Super Amazing Facts you never know about Rafael Nadal and his wife Xisca Perello



Here is what you should know about Rafael Nadal and his wife Xisca Perello
The Tennis legend Rafael Nadal and Xisca Perello got married Two years ago, as the wedding date was on October 19, 2019.

Almost all tennis fans felt happy about Rafael Nadal’s wedding, but some of them not to say a huge number of fans don’t know many things about Rafael Nadal’s wife Xisca Perello.

for that, and right here in this article when you finish reading you will know something very important about your Tennis champion and his wife.

And Here are the questions We will be answering today:

Who is Xisca Perello?
Does Xisca Perrello have Social Media accounts?
How Rafael Nadal met his wife Xisca Perello?
When and How Rafael Nadal and Xisca Perello got married?

Ready, Let’s dive in:


Who is Rafael Nadal’s wife Xisca Perello?
Not to make it as a long boring biography, and in short, Rafael Nadal‘s wife full name is Maria Francisca Perello,

Xisca Perello was born in the 7th July 1988 at Mallorca in Spain and She’s now 32 years old.

She’s The only daughter of an entrepreneur and a municipal employee in Palma in Mallorca and used to work in insurance and was already graduated from Business school

After graduation and working in insurance, Xisca decided to stop her job and take her time to manage Rafael Nadal’s foundation that He launched almost Ten years ago, and to support her husband.




Does Xisca Perrello have Social Media accounts?
This is one of the most famous question between Rafael Nadal fans, does Xisca Perrello have Facebook, or Instagram, or Twitter, or any Social media account…,

The answer is NO.

As Xisca Perello herself revealed that in a previous interview where She denied that she does not have any accounts on any Social Media platform so far.

“No, no… I don’t have any public accounts. Probably. I have not looked at it, I am not in them because those images are snapshots of a moment.“

“They are not planned. In the case of tennis, it was a spur-of-the-moment idea and they put it up because it was fun. But that’s it. Besides, I’ve always been very clear that I’m not the famous one,” Xisca said.





How Rafael Nadal met his wife Xisca Perello?
The story between the lovely couple is quite long, as Rafael Nadal and Xisca Perrello started dating in 2005, and they formilized it in 2007 to public.

According to close resources to Rafael Nadal, He met Xisca through his younger sister Maribel as She was a friend of Perello at the age of 7 but the relationship was only as friends.

Xisca Perello grew up alongside the future world tennis Number 1. After an early romance, the two lovers met each other in 2005 and decided to formalize their union with an engagement in 2007.





When and How Rafael Nadal and Xisca Perello got married?
The Wedding date of Rafael Nadal and Xisca Perello was in the October 19, 2019, and it was announced early in January 2019.

The Wedding hosted 350 guests with some rules that the famous couple decided to follow, the rule is not to use Mobile phones or Cameras during the wedding as guests put their phones when they first come to the wedding place.

check, Rafael Nadal and Xisca left a private message to the wedding guests

The wedding was very special as it was hosted at the La Fortaleza castle in Majorca, the island of his birth.

Many superstars were invited to Rafael Nadal’s wedding including Tom Hiddleston, Olivia Colman, and Hug Laurie. But there was no appearance of Roger Federer although they spent a very good year together.




Talking about the wedding, Rafael Nadal told the media that it was beautiful and He had a lot of fun as they were preparing for it for a long time, and they got their reward.

“The wedding is fast and I think we enjoy it a lot this beautiful day. We have a lot of fun and we enjoy this day with people that we wanted. We had a great day.”

“It’s something that we have been preparing for such a long time. But it’s gone, now is the moment to come back to the end of the season of tennis,” Rafael Nadal said.




For this question, Rafael Nadal opened up about this subject a few months ago in detail, but in general, He reveals He loves children both boys and girls, and would love to be a father at this age.



“I’d love to have kids including boys and girls… I’m someone who loves kids and I’m a family person. But from the other side, I can tell you that the reality is, the years are going quick, I would like to start to do all of this when my sporting life determines it.”

Rafael Nadal’s wife Xisca Perello is a big fan and supporter of him. and that was clear throughout the years. and a clear example for everyone who wants a partner in his life to have somebody that will stand with him and love him.

Rafael Nadal and Xisca Perello are a great example of the best couples We can see.

If you like this article feel free to share it with your friends to read this amazing love story between Rafael Nadal and Xisca Perello.

This was all the 4 Facts you never know about Rafael Nadal and his wife Xisca Perello article.

Thank you for reading.


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