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Rafael Nadal’s Parents Divorce – Did it Affect Rafa’s Performance?



Rafael Nadal has always been admired for his resilience. His strength of character has helped him to shake off the negative things happened on and off the court. However, after Rafael Nadal’s parents divorce in 2009, did the Spaniard lacked the virtue of fortitude?



Rafael Nadal’s parents and other family members are usually present in his cheering box. They play a huge role in boosting his confidence during tense times on the court. However, his parents – Sebastian Nadal and Maria Parera decided to split ten years ago. This left a void in their son’s life and also in his guest box on the court, further leading to hurt is play.



How did Rafael Nadal’s parents split affected his performance?
For Nadal, good health and family are the two things that are most important to him. He is a very family-centric man. He considers his family extremely important, partly because he grew up in a small village in Mallorca. The Manacorí is used to having his relatives around all the time, but also because he dislikes being alone.



In 2009, the 23-year-old Nadal was still so dependent on his family that he even slept with his lights and TV on when they weren’t allowed. In this condition, he found out that his parents were getting a divorce. With his parents separating, Nadal’s safety net was suddenly taken away.



The Balearic describes in his autobiography how the experience “destroyed” him, his emotional turmoil eating away at his physical condition. The 19-time Grand Slam champion was depressed, cold, and distant. Furthermore, his state of mind started affecting his game, and his knee injuries flared up during the rough period. As a result, he started losing to more.




The ‘King of Clay’ lost the French Open, the only year between 2005 and 2014 he lost on the Parisian clay. According to Spanish media reports, his poor play was connected to his parents’ split. He was also unable to defend his title at Wimbledon. It took Nadal almost a year to rebuild his composure and win another title.




“I was depressed”: Rafael Nadal
Nadal wrote in Rafa: My Story that his parents split was devastating. “They were the mainstay of my life and that pillar had crumbled. I was depressed, I lacked enthusiasm. I had lost all love for life,” he wrote.



He also explained that assimilating the news that his parents had been going through such a crisis after nearly 30 years of marriage was heartbreaking. Rafa’s family had always been the holy, untouchable core of his life. The Spaniard admitted that they are his centre of stability and a living album of his wonderful childhood memories.



“My attitude was bad. I was depressed, lacking in enthusiasm. On the surface, I remained a tennis-playing automaton, but the man inside had lost all love of life,” he added.


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Andy Murray’s wedding ring and shoes returned following Indian Wells disappearance



Andy Murray’s wedding ring and tennis shoes have been recovered after they seemingly disappeared in the California desert.

The three-time major winner is preparing for action at the BNP Paribas Open at Indian Wells and left his tennis shoes outside underneath his car to dry out overnight – but they were nowhere to be seen when he returned in the morning.

And it was only when his physio asked about his wedding band that he realised he had left the ring tied to his shoes.

In an Instagram video posted late on Thursday, which was shared on Twitter by the ATP Tour Murray said: “I just want to send a quick message to say a huge thanks for all the messages and also to everyone for sharing the story about the shoes and the wedding ring.

“(I) had to make a few calls today and chat to the security at the hotel and everything.

“Little update for everyone,” he said as he raised the shoes into view.

“Would you believe it, they still absolutely stink but the shoes are back, the wedding ring is back and I’m back in the good books. Let’s go.”

The shoes are back. 👟
The ring is back. 💍

Let’s go, @andy_murray!!! 💪#BNPPO21

— ATP Tour (@atptour) October 7, 2021

In an earlier post, Murray light-heartedly appealed for the return of the ring – to help him smooth things over with his frustrated wife.

He explained leaving his shoes to dry out under his car as “I have no balcony in my room and I didn’t want to leave them in my room as it would stink the room out”.

Murray married his long-term girlfriend Kim Sears in 2015 at Dunblane Cathedral. The couple now have four children.

The Scot is due to play France’s Adrian Mannarino in the first round at Indian Wells on Friday.


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NASCAR Star Has Brutally Honest Admission On Michael Jordan



Legendary Chicago Bulls star Michael Jordan has a very commanding presence, both on and off the basketball court.

In recent years, Jordan has gotten involved in other sports, namely NASCAR. The NBA Hall of Famer is part owner of 23XI Racing, which is co-owned by Denny Hamlin.

The NASCAR team features Bubba Wallace and is adding Kurt Busch for the 2022 season.

Busch, a veteran NASCAR driver, had a brutally honest admission on his meeting with Jordan.

“I mean he is the GOAT. The situation, the way it all came together, it was this impressive meeting out in Sonoma earlier this summer. Right away, I got along with him. Just with the way he was chill but also presented this aura about him. ‘We will win. We are here to win. This is what this is about,’” Busch remembered in an interview with SiriusXM. “And it was like, ‘Yes sir.’ He’s like, ‘Don’t call me sir.’ I said, ‘Alright, let’s win.’”

Busch is excited to get going for 23XI Racing.

“It was just easy right away to piece together what the contract is,” he recalled. “Monster Energy was incredibly excited about it. Toyota, they were the ones behind the scenes, kind of pushing for a veteran to jump in the program and move the needle with 23XI. I’ve raced a long time for a lot of different legendary owners and Hall of Famers in NASCAR. MJ definitely has a different presence about him.”

The 2022 season should be a fun one.


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